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RM Materials - Material Availability

The purpose of the Genetic Testing Reference Materials Coordination Program (GeT-RM) is to help the genetic testing community obtain appropriate and characterized reference materials. A short description of the GeT-RM program is provided here. This page has links to tables containing information on reference materials characterized by the GeT-RM program and a previous CDC project. These materials have been tested in several independent laboratories using a variety of test methods. New materials will be added to these tables as they are characterized. ALL DNA CHARACTERIZED BY THE GeT-RM PROGRAM ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE CORIELL INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH

We have also included tables listing information on available cell lines and other materials for selected disorders that have been characterized by other researchers, clinical laboratories or commercial manufacturers. Information on the characterization status of each material is shown. As the GeT-RM program proceeds, we will be updating the status of listed materials and adding information on materials available for other disorders.

Available materials for selected disorders

Disclaimer:The CDC is not responsible for the validity of mutations in cell lines or any other materials. Inclusion of commercially available materials or reagents on this website does not constitute an endorsement of such materials by the CDC and no endorsement shall be stated or inferred.