Bureau of Census Industry Codes (CIC) by NORA Sector Group

NORA Sector Group: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
CIC Industry
010 Agricultural production, crops
011 Agricultural production, livestock
020 Agricultural services, except horticultural
030 Forestry
031 Fishing, hunting, and trapping
230 Logging


NORA Sector Group: Construction
CIC Industry
060 Construction


NORA Sector Group: Healthcare and Social Assistance
CIC Industry
812 Offices and clinics of physicians
820 Offices and clinics of dentists
821 Offices and clinics of chiropractors
822 Offices and clinics of optometrists
830 Offices and clinics of health practitioners, n.e.c.
831 Hospitals
832 Nursing and personal care facilities
840 Health services, n.e.c.
861 Job training and vocational rehabilitation services
862 Child day care services
870 Residential care facilities, without nursing
871 Social services, n.e.c.
n.e.c. - not elsewhere classified
NORA Sector Group: Manufacturing
CIC Industry
100 Meat products
101 Dairy products
102 Canned, frozen and preserved fruits and vegetables
110 Grain mill products
111 Bakery products
112 Sugar and confectionery products
120 Beverage industries
121 Miscellaneous food preparations and kindred products
122 Not specified food industries
130 Tobacco manufactures
132 Knitting mills
140 Dyeing and finishing textiles, except wool and knit goods
141 Carpets and rugs
142 Yarn, thread, and fabric mills
150 Miscellaneous textile mill products
151 Apparel and accessories, except knit
152 Miscellaneous fabricated textile products
160 Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills
161 Miscellaneous paper and pulp products
162 Paperboard containers and boxes
372 Medical, dental, optical instruments and supplies
380 Photographic equipment and supplies
381 Watches, clocks, and clockwork operated devices
390 Toys, amusement, and sporting goods
391 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
392 Not specified manufacturing industries


NORA Sector Group: Mining
CIC Industry
040 Metal mining
041 Coal mining
042 Oil and gas extraction
050 Nonmetallic mining and quarrying, except fuel


NORA Sector Group: Services
CIC Industry
021 Horticultural services
171 Newspaper publishing and printing
440 Radio and television broadcasting and cable
441 Telephone communications
442 Telegraph and miscellaneous communication services
641 Eating and drinking places
700 Banking
701 Savings institutions, including credit unions
702 Credit agencies, n.e.c.
710 Security, commodity brokerage, and investment companies
711 Insurance
712 Real estate, including real estate-insurance offices
721 Advertising
722 Services to dwellings and other buildings
731 Personnel supply services
732 Business management and consulting services
740 Computer and data processing services
741 Detective and protective services
742 Business services, n.e.c.
750 Automotive services, except repair
751 Automotive repair and related services
752 Electrical repair shops
760 Miscellaneous repair services
761 Private households
762 Hotels and motels
770 Lodging places, except hotels and motels
771 Laundry, cleaning, and garment services
772 Beauty shops
780 Barber shops
781 Funeral service and crematories
782 Shoe repair shops
790 Dressmaking shops
791 Miscellaneous personal services
800 Theaters and motion pictures
801 Bowling alleys, billiard and pool parlors
802 Miscellaneous entertainment and recreation services
841 Legal services
842 Elementary and secondary schools
850 Colleges and universities
851 Vocational schools
852 Libraries
860 Educational services, n.e.c.
872 Museums, art galleries, and zoos
880 Religious organizations
881 Membership organizations
882 Engineering, architectural, and surveying services
890 Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services
891 Research, development and testing services
892 Miscellaneous professional and related services
900 Executive and legislative offices
901 General government, n.e.c.
910 Justice, public order, and safety
921 Public finance, taxation, and monetary policy
922 Administration of human resources programs
930 Administration of environmental quality and housing programs
931 Administration of economic programs
932 National security and international affairs
942 Military
n.e.c. - not elsewhere classified
NORA Sector Group: Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities
CIC Industry
400 Railroads
401 Bus service and urban transit
402 Taxicab service
410 Trucking service
411 Warehousing and storage
412 U.S. Postal Service
420 Water transportation
421 Air transportation
422 Pipe lines, except natural gas
432 Services incidental to transportation
460 Electric light and power
461 Gas and steam supply systems
462 Electric and gas, and other combinations
470 Water supply and irrigation
471 Sanitary services
472 Not specified utilities


NORA Sector Group: Wholesale and Retail Trade
CIC Industry
500 Motor vehicles and equipment
501 Furniture and home furnishings
502 Lumber and construction materials
511 Metals and minerals, except petroleum
512 Electrical goods
521 Hardware, plumbing, and heating supplies
530 Machinery, equipment, and supplies
531 Scrap and waste materials
532 Miscellaneous wholesale, durable goods
540 Paper and paper products
541 Drugs, chemicals, and allied products
542 Apparel, fabrics, and notions
550 Groceries and related products
551 Farm-product raw materials
552 Petroleum products
560 Alcoholic beverages
561 Farm supplies
562 Miscellaneous wholesale, nondurable goods
571 Not specified wholesale trade
580 Lumber and building material retailing
581 Hardware stores
582 Retail nurseries and garden stores
590 Mobile home dealers
591 Department stores
592 Variety stores
600 Miscellaneous general merchandise stores
601 Grocery stores
602 Dairy products stores
610 Retail bakeries
611 Food stores, n.e.c.
612 Motor vehicle dealers
620 Auto and home supply stores
621 Gasoline service stations
622 Miscellaneous vehicle dealers
630 Apparel and accessory stores, except shoe
631 Shoe stores
632 Furniture and home furnishings stores
640 Household appliances, TV, and radio stores
642 Drug stores
650 Liquor stores
651 Sporting goods, bicycles, and hobby stores
652 Book and stationery stores
660 Jewelry stores
661 Sewing, needlework, and piece goods stores
662 Mail order houses
670 Vending machine operators
671 Direct selling establishments
672 Fuel dealers
681 Retail florists
682 Miscellaneous retail stores
691 Not specified retail trade
n.e.c. - not elsewhere classified
NORA Sector Group: Unclassified Industry
CIC Industry
951 Retired, with no other industry reported
961 Non-paid worker or non-worker or own home/at home
990 Industry not reported


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