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PMR Query System for Occupation (1999, 2003-2004, 2007-2014)

  • First select race and sex; or, select all races and sexes combined.
  • Second, select an occupation. To receive all occupations, select none.
  • Third, select cause of death; or select none if PMRs for all causes are desired.
  • Last, decide how your output will be sorted: by PMR, industry, occupation, race, sex, or age group. The sorts will be done in the order you select.

See Occupation Title set for Census Occupation Codes Included in each category.

Select Race:

OR All Races and Sexes Combined

Select Sex:

Occupation (leave unselected to retrieve all)

Cause of Death (leave unselected to retrieve all)

Age Group:

Select a sort order. (Duplicate sort orders will be ignored.)

Sort Order 1 Sort Order 2 Sort Order 3




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