Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Prevention LevelPrimary
Study Year1987
Molecular Weight of AgentHMW
Agent CategoryAnimal-derived antigens
Specific AgentLaboratory animal allergen
Occupation Laboratory animal handlers
Outcome/DiagnosisAllergy to laboratory animals (ALA)
Activity Intervention Measures to reduce exposure and educate workforce introduced in 1981 Limitation: Prevention program not specified in detail.
Participation Rate383 individuals who completed at least 9 months of employment participated in the study. Limitation: no report of participation rate
Intervention EffectivenessThe incidence of ALA fell from 37% in 1980 to 12% in 1984 in 383 subjects. Reduction of the incidence of ALA, from 37% in 1981 to 20% in 1982, coincided with introduction of exposure control and education measures, but no measurements of aeroallergens were made during the study.
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