Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Prevention LevelSecondary
AuthorSingh A
Study Year2010
Molecular Weight of AgentN/A
Agent CategoryVarious
Specific AgentIndoor environmental quality (IEQ)
Occupation N/A
Outcome/DiagnosisAbsenteeism due to asthma and work hours effected by asthma
Activity Intervention Moved to green buildings
Participation RatePremove survey: 58.9(n=33) for study 1; 68.5% (n=142) for study 2.
Intervention EffectivenessMoved from conventional office buildings to LEED-rated buildings:
1. Absenteeism: reduced by 0.034 h/mo for each occupant reporting asthma or allergies
2. Affected work hours: reduced by 2.35 h/mo for each occupant reporting asthma or allergies.
Page last reviewed: February 20, 2020