Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Prevention LevelSecondary
AuthorMunoz X
Study Year2014
Molecular Weight of AgentBoth
Agent CategoryN/A
Specific AgentN/A
Occupation N/A
Outcome/DiagnosisOccupational asthma
Activity Intervention Cessation of exposure to the causative agents of high molecular weight (HMW) or low molecular weight (LMW).
Participation Rate73 of 178 patients with occupational asthma and with a positive specific inhalation challenge were included in the study (Participation rate: 40%). 105 patients were excluded from data analysis because of no contact or refused to participate.
Intervention EffectivenessPatients removed from exposure (n=55),
  • with cessation of HMW agent, statistically improved their symptoms of rhinitis, conjunctivitis and the percentage of eosinophils in blood p=0.002, 0.004, 0.018, respectively.
  • 47% had clinical improvement and 14% had deterioration on GINA severity sca
Patients continued to be exposed (n=18),
  • statistically deteriorated their symptoms of rhinitis and conjunctivitis p=0.039 and 0.012, respectivy
  • 22% had clinical improvement and 17% had deterioration on GINA severity scale.
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