Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Prevention LevelSecondary
Study Year1995
Molecular Weight of AgentLMW
Agent CategoryAnhydrides
Specific Agenthexahydrophthalic anhydride (HHPA)
Occupation Workers who manufacture resin requiring use of HHPA
Outcome/DiagnosisOccupational asthma, allergic rhinitis, occupational asthma-rhinitis, hemorrhagic rhinitis
Activity Intervention Medical surveillance, removal from exposure (> 1 year) Medical surveillance consisted of symtpom questionnaire, spirometry, chest film, and immunological assays at diagnosis and at follow-up.
Participation RateStudy population consisted of 16 employees consecutively identified over a 1-year surveillance period
Intervention EffectivenessSymptoms or signs of occupational asthma/rhinitis or hemorrhagic rhinitis were nonexistent at follow-up, with no demonstration of obstruction (n=16). Chest films were normal, and reduction in IgE or IgG antibody was statistically significant. Limitation: no comparison group.
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