Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Prevention LevelSecondary
Study Year1987
Molecular Weight of AgentLMW
Agent CategoryDiisocyanates
Specific AgentToluene diisocyanate (TDI), diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), hexamethlyene diisocyanate (HDI), naphthylene diisocyanate (NDI)
Occupation Workers in general population
Outcome/DiagnosisOccupational asthma
Activity Intervention Removal from exposure (> 4 years)
Participation Rate50 of 59 eligible subjects: (Participation rate: 89%)
Intervention EffectivenessForty-one of 50 subjects continued to have respiratory symptoms, with approximately half of those (n=22) requiring treatment at least once a week. Pulmonary function was similar at follow-up. Limitation: no comparison group.
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