Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search Results

Study Details
Prevention LevelSecondary
Study Year2007
Molecular Weight of AgentBoth
OccupationNot specified
Outcome/DiagnosisOccupational asthma
Activity InterventionCessation of exposure
Participation RateA review article including 39 papers
Intervention Effectiveness1. A total of 25 and 4 papers were related to occupational asthma induced by only low-molecular-weight (LMW) and high-molecular-weight (HMW) allergens, respectively. 2. The reported rate of complete symptomatic recovery from asthma varied from 0% to 100%, with a pooled prevalence of 32% (95%CI, 26% to 38%). 3. Pooled estimates of recovery were lower with increasing age (p=0.019) and among clinic based populations (p=0.053). 4. Patients with the shortest durations of exposure (<=76 months) had the highest rate of recovery. 5. The pooled prevalence of persistent non-specific bronchial hyper-responsiveness (NSBHR) was 73% (95% CI, 66% to 79%) 6.Patients who had asthma induced by LMW were less likely to have persistent NSBHR (P=0.006)
Page last reviewed: May 25, 2022