Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search Results

Study Details
Prevention LevelPrimary
AuthorSingh T
Study Year2012
CountrySouth Africa
Molecular Weight of AgentN/A
OccupationDental healthcare workers (HCW)
Outcome/DiagnosisOccupational asthma
Activity InterventionPersonal protective equipment (PPE) included gloves, respiratory protection (surgical mask), goggles, and laboratory coats.
Participation Rate454 of 1,816 currently employed dental HCWs (Participation rate: 25%). 33 workers were excluded from data analysis since they had incomplete data.
Intervention EffectivenessStatistically significant findings: For non-atopic asthmatics: • Regular use of any type of PPE was protective: OR: 0.23, 95% CI: 0.1-0.7. For atopic asthmatics: • Glove use and respiratory protection were protective: OR: 0.39, 95% CI: 0.17-0.89 and OR: 0.39, 95% CI: 0.17-0.89, respectively.
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