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Kawasaki Syndrome
1990 Case Definition

Clinical Description

A febrile illness of greater than or equal to 5 days' duration, with at least four of the five following physical findings and no other more reasonable explanation for the observed clinical findings:

  • Bilateral conjunctival injection
  • Oral changes (erythema of lips or oropharynx, strawberry tongue, or fissuring of the lips)
  • Peripheral extremity changes (edema, erythema, or generalized or periungual desquamation)
  • Rash
  • Cervical lymphadenopathy (at least one lymph node greater than or equal to 1.5 cm in diameter)

Case Classification


A case that meets the clinical case definition


If fever disappears after intravenous gamma globulin therapy is started, fever may be of less than 5 days' duration, and the clinical case definition may still be met.