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Syphilis, Late, With Clinical Manifestations Other Than Neurosyphilis

National Notifiable Condition/Subtype
From Year To Year
1944 Current Syphilis(
1944 Current Syphilis, Congenital(
1944 Current Syphilis, early non-primary non-secondary(
1944 Current Syphilis, primary(
1944 Current Syphilis, secondary(
1944 Current Syphilis, unknown duration or late(
1941 Current Syphilitic Stillbirth(
1944 2017 Syphilis, early latent(
1944 2017 Syphilis, late latent(
2014 2017 Syphilis, late with clinical manifestations (including late benign syphilis and cardiovascular syphilis)(
1989 2014 Syphilis, congenital(
1941 2014 Syphilitic stillbirth(
1944 2013 Neurosyphilis(
1944 2013 Syphilis, early latent(
1944 2013 Syphilis, late, with clinical manifestations other than neurosyphilis
1944 2013 Syphilis, latent(
1944 2013 Syphilis, latent unknown duration(

Case Definition(s)