National Summary Table

The Prevention Status Reports (PSRs) highlight—for all 50 states and the District of Columbia—the status of public health policies and practices designed to prevent or reduce problems in 10 important public health topics. Below is a summary of the 2015 PSR topics and the percentage of states in each rating category. (Note: States with missing data are not included in the ratings calculation.)

PSR Policies and Practices by Topic
Ratings (% of states)
Green Yellow Red
Alcohol-Related Harms 
State beer excise tax 8884
State distilled spirits excise tax 93259
State wine excise tax 52174
Commercial host (dram shop) liability laws 394912
Food Safety 
Speed of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis testing of reported E. coli  O157 cases 9082
Completeness of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis testing of reported Salmonella  cases 9262
State adoption of selected foodborne disease-related provisions*333135
Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) 
State activities to build capacity for HAI prevention*73270
Stewardship programs to improve antibiotic use in acute care hospitals*02278
Heart Disease and Stroke 
Meaningful use of electronic health records 9640
State pharmacist collaborative drug therapy management policy 76186
State Medicaid reimbursement for routine HIV screening*82216
Consistency of state HIV testing law with CDC's 2006 HIV testing recommendations 98N/A2
State reporting of all CD4 and all viral load data 553114
HIV viral suppression*0N/A100
Motor Vehicle Injuries 
Seat belt law 373131
Child passenger restraint law 47620
Graduated driver licensing: learner’s permit age*186716
Graduated driver licensing: learner's permit holding period*16804
Graduated driver licensing: nighttime driving restriction *252549
Graduated driver licensing: young passenger restriction *86212
Graduated driver licensing: unrestricted licensure age*124741
Ignition interlock law 513910
Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity 
Secondary schools not selling less nutritious foods and beverages 314129
Nutrition standards policy for foods and beverages sold on state executive branch property*4492
Inclusion of obesity prevention standards in state licensing regulations of childcare facilities 00100
State average birth facility score for breastfeeding support 295516
Prescription Drug Overdose 
Requirement for timely data submission to prescription drug monitoring program*47458
Requirement for universal use of state prescription drug monitoring program*8884
Teen Pregnancy 
Expansion of state Medicaid family planning eligibility 275914
Tobacco Use 
State cigarette excise tax 313335
Comprehensive state smoke-free policy 532027
State funding for tobacco control 01486

N/A = Not applicable.
*2015 data not comparable to 2013 data because of changes in the policy/practice indicator or rating scale. Percentages for each policy/practice might not sum to 100 due to rounding.

Page last reviewed: 4/10/2019