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CDC works 24/7 to provide information that helps protect the health of individuals and communities. Order or download books, fact sheets, pamphlets, and educational materials at CDC-INFO On Demand. If you’re ordering fewer than 5 of any item, please consider downloading the items. Visit CDC Stacks to download materials only available online. 
Top 10 Publication Orders
Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing Rulers PUB ID: 997047 PROGRAM: Tuberculosis - For Health Care Providers Ruler to use in measuring test reaction. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Other 1
TB Get the Facts Pamphlet PUB ID: 5743 PROGRAM: Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public One-page pamphlet on basic facts about TB transmission, infection, and the tuberculin test. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 2
Prevent Tickborne Diseases Bookmark PUB ID: 222349 PROGRAM: Tickborne Diseases Front: Tick bite prevention tips Back: Tick removal instructions Laminated. 2x6 in. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Bookmark 3
Parents Guide to Childhood Immunizations Booklet PUB ID: 221179 PROGRAM: Immunization and Vaccines (Schedules and Booklets) 60 page booklet that helps parents and providers learn about the role vaccines and immunizations play in helping keep children healthy. Revised October 2017. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Booklet 4
Lyme disease: What You Need to Know Brochure PUB ID: 221850 PROGRAM: Tickborne Diseases A brochure that provides answers to the most common Lyme disease questions: How is it spread? Where is it found? How is it prevented? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated? LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 5
What You Need to Know About the TB Skin Test Booklet PUB ID: 998220 PROGRAM: Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public Booklet on the basics of the TB skin test. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Booklet 6
2010 SGR | How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease Consumer Report PUB ID: 220458 PROGRAM: Smoking & Tobacco Use This easy-to-read, 20-page booklet summarizes the 700+ page Surgeon General’s report released in December of 2010. The booklet provides practical information about the dangers of tobacco use and what people can do to quit tobacco use and protect themselves and their families from exposure to tobacco smoke. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Report 7
The Facts | Genital Herpes Brochure PUB ID: 998823 PROGRAM: STD - The Facts Brochures Plain language brochure about genital herpes. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 8
The Facts | Gonorrhea Brochure PUB ID: 998828 PROGRAM: STD - The Facts Brochures Plain language brochure about gonorrhea. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 9
Pathways to Freedom Guide PUB ID: 998146 PROGRAM: Smoking & Tobacco Use This guide was developed to address the national concern over the high rates of smoking among the African-American population. This updated edition (2003) offers proven strategies for anyone who wants to quit; how friends and family can help, and how the community and its leaders can promote the value of gaining freedom from tobacco. To order more than one copy of this item, please go to the online catalog at LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Guide 10

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