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CDC works 24/7 to provide information that helps protect the health of individuals and communities. Order or download books, fact sheets, pamphlets, and educational materials at CDC-INFO On Demand. If you’re ordering fewer than 5 of any item, please consider downloading the items. Visit CDC Stacks to download materials only available online. 
Top 10 Publication Orders
TB- Get the Facts 3.66 x 8.5 Pamphlet in English PUB ID: 5743 PROGRAM: Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public One-page pamphlet on basic facts about TB transmission, infection, and the tuberculin test. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 1
f) Milestone Moments Booklet, English (single copy) PUB ID: 300244 PROGRAM: Child Development – "Learn the signs. Act early." 5x7, 46-page booklet. Developmental milestone checklists and tips for parents for ages 2 months to 5 years. ** NOTE: INTERNATIONAL AND OVER THE MAX ORDERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.** LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Booklet 2
Lyme disease: What You Need to Know Brochure PUB ID: 221850 PROGRAM: Tickborne Diseases A brochure that provides answers to the most common Lyme disease questions: How is it spread? Where is it found? How is it prevented? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated? LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 3
Parents Guide to Childhood Immunizations Booklet PUB ID: 221179 PROGRAM: Immunization and Vaccines (Schedules and Booklets) 60 page booklet that helps parents and providers learn about the role vaccines and immunizations play in helping keep children healthy. Revised October 2017. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Booklet 4
What You Need to Know About the TB Skin Test 5.5 x 8.5 Fact sheet in English PUB ID: 998220 PROGRAM: Tuberculosis - For Patients and the General Public Booklet on the basics of the TB skin test. Dimensions: 5.5x8.5 LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Booklet 5
d) Amazing Me--It's Busy Being 3!, English (single copy) PUB ID: 221054 PROGRAM: Child Development – "Learn the signs. Act early." 9.5 x 8, 34 pages, book. "Learn the Signs. Act Early." Children's book, for ages 2-4 years. Joey, a 3-year-old kangaroo, shows what he can do in one AMAZING day. Parents learn developmental milestones as they read the book to their young child. **Also available as a FREE iBook via iTunes. ** NOTE: INTERNATIONAL AND OVER THE MAX ORDERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.** LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Book 6
An Alcohol-Free Pregnancy Is the Best Choice for Your Baby Brochure PUB ID: 221691 PROGRAM: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) This brochure describes the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The brochure contains resources and helpful questions and answers for women. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 7
The Facts | STDs and Pregnancy Brochure PUB ID: 998826 PROGRAM: STD - The Facts Brochures Brochure with basic information about STDs and pregnancy in plain language. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Brochure 8
GYN Cancer Symptoms 3"x2" Diary Wallet Card (English) PUB ID: 220534 PROGRAM: Cancer - Gynecologic Cancers / Inside Knowledge Campaign Wallet-sized (3"x2") foldable gynecologic cancer symptoms diary that lets women track symptoms they may be having over a two week timespan. LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Card 9
Surgeon General Advisory 5x8 Card PUB ID: 998175 PROGRAM: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) This 5"x8" double-sided card contains the 2005 U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory on Alcohol Use in Pregnancy on one side and internet resources about alcohol use and pregnancy on the reverse side. The Surgeon General's message advises women not to drink alcohol if they are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or at risk of becoming pregnant. [Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, FASD, fetal alcohol syndrome, FAS, alcohol, pregnancy] LANGUAGE: English MATERIAL: Card 10

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