About Q-Notes

Q-Notes is a qualitative research program developed to help researchers manage and analyze data from cognitive interviewing and other question evaluation studies. Q-Notes was developed by the Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research (CCQDER) at the National Center for Health Statistics to support cognitive interviewing studies designed to evaluate the validity of survey questions.


  • Offers a centralized location to store and organize cognitive interviewing data
  • Supports real-time interactive project oversight and collaboration
  • Facilitates rapid and systematic analysis of cognitive interviews
  • Assists in organizing research findings into a final report
  • Produces an audit trail so that study conclusions can be traced back to interview data
  • Allows for a simultaneous pursuit of data collection and analysis, and a grounded approach to the development of analytic codes and themes.

Use of Q-Notes

The CCQDER and NCHS have decided to allow public use of Q-Notes for researchers to conduct their question evaluation projects and qualitative research studies. Public use of Q-Notes will:

  • Support external researchers conducting cognitive interviewing and other types of evaluation projects
  • Gather feedback from additional users about Q-Notes
  • Determine enhancements for the system to be used by a wider audience

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