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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source
0541Escherichia coli aac(6')-Ib-AKT, aadA5, ACRF, catB4, CTX-M-15, dfrA17, EMRD, KPC-3, MDF(A), mph(A), OXA-1, sul1, TEM-1B, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN11953973
0542Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib, aadA2, catA1, dfrA12, EMRD, KDEA, mph(A), oqxA, oqxB, SHV-12, sul1 SAMN11953974
0543Escherichia coli aadA1, ACRF, ant(2")-la, CTX-M-15, dfrA36, EC, EMRD, floR, MDF(A), sul1, sul2, TEM-135, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN11953975
0544Enterobacter cloacae aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, ACT-45, aph(3")-Ib, aph(3')-Ia, aph(6)-Id, dfrA14, KPC-3, OXA-9, SHV-12, sul2, TEM-1A SAMN11953976
0545Enterobacter cloacae aac(3)-IIa, aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA1, ACT-46, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, catA1, catB4, CTX-M-15, dfrA14, KPC-2, OXA-1, QnrB1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A)SAMN11953977
0546Escherichia coli aac(3)-IId, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, dfrA17, EC-5, EMRD, KPC-3, MDF(A), sul2, TEM-1, tet(B)SAMN11953978
0547Klebsiella aerogenes aph(6)-Id, dfrA14, sul2SAMN11953979
0548Klebsiella pneumoniae aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, CTX-M-15, dfrA14, EMRD, fosA, KDEA, KPC-3, oqxA, oqxB20, QnrS1, SHV-28, sul2, TEM-1 SAMN11953980
0549Escherichia coli aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA2, aadA5, ACRF, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, catB4, CTX-M-15, dfrA12, dfrA17, EC, EMRD, fosA7.5, MDF(A), mph(A), OXA-1, sul1, sul2, tet(A), tet(B), tet(R)SAMN11953981
0550Klebsiella pneumoniae aadA2, ant(2")-la, catA1, dfrA12, EMRD, KDEA, KPC-3, mph(A), oqxA, oqxB, QnrS1, SHV-189, sul1SAMN11953982
0551Escherichia coli aac(3)-IId, aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA5, ACRF, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, catA1, catB3, CTX-M-15, dfrA17, MDF(A), OXA-1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(B)SAMN11953983
0552Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib, aadA5, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, dfrA17, EMRD, KDEA, KPC-2, mph(A), oqxA, oqxB, SHV-11, sul1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A)SAMN11953984
0553Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(3)-IId, aadA2, armA, CTX-M-15, dfrA12, dfrA14, EMRD, fosA5, KDEA, OXA-181, SHV-26, sul1, sul2SAMN11953985
0554Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib-G, aph(6)-Id, ARR-2, catA2, catB, CTX-M-15, dfrA12, dfrA14, EMRD, KDEA, mph(A), oqxA, oqxB25, OXA-181, QnrB1, rmtF1, SHV-11, sul2, TEM-1SAMN11953986
0555Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib-G, aadA1, aph(3')-Ia, ARR-2, ble-MBL, catB, CTX-M-15, dfrA14, EMRD, KDEA, mph(A), NDM-5, oqxA, oqxB25, OXA-232, OXA-9, QnrS1, rmtF1, SHV-12, sul1, TEM-1ASAMN11953987
0556Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(3)-IIa, aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, CTX-M-15, EMRD, KDEA, oqxA, oqxB20, OXA-48, OXA-9, SHV-100, TEM-1A, tet(D)SAMN11953988
0557Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib-AKT, aadA2, aph(3')-VI, armA, ble-MBL, catB4, CTX-M-15, dfrA1, dfrA12, dfrA14, EMRD, fosA, KDEA, mph(E), msr(E), NDM-1, oqxA, oqxB20, OXA-1, OXA-232, QnrB1, sat2, SHV-28, sul1, TEM-1A, tet(D)SAMN11953989
0558Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(3)-IId, aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA1, aadA2, armA, ARR-2, catA1, CTX-M-15, dfrA12, dfrA14, EMRD, ere(A), fosA5, KDEA, OXA-181, SHV-26, sul1, sul2, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN11953990
0559Escherichia coli aac(3)-IIa, aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA5, ACRF, ble-MBL, catB4, CMY-6, dfrA17, MDF(A), mph(A), NDM-1, OXA-1, rmtC, sul1, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN11953991
0560Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(3)-IId, aac(6')-Ib-AKT, aadA1, armA, ARR-2, ble-MBL, catA1, catB4, cmlA5, CMY-4, CTX-M-15, dfrA1, EMRD, ere(A), fosA, KDEA, mph(E), msr(E), NDM-1, oqxA, oqxB20, OXA-1, OXA-9, sat2, SHV-100, sul1, TEM-1ASAMN11953992
0561Staphylococcus aureus aph-STPH, DHA-1, fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, mupA, norA, tet(38), tet(M), ZSAMN11953993
0562Staphylococcus aureus ant(4')-Ia, ant(9)-Ia, aph-STPH, blaI, BLEO, DHA-1, erm(A), fosB, LMRS, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, norA, tet(38), tet(M), ZSAMN11953994
0563Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, ant(4')-Ia, aph-STPH, BLEO, DHA-1, fosB, mecA, MEPA, mupA, norA, tet(38)SAMN11953995
0564Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, ant(4')-Ia, ant(9)-Ia, aph(3')-IIIa, aph-STPH, blaI, DHA-1, erm(A), fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, mph(C), msr(A), mupA, norA, tet(38), ZSAMN11953996
0565Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, ant(9)-Ia, aph(3')-IIIa, aph-STPH, blaI, dfrG, DHA-1, erm(A), fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, norA, sat4, tet(38), tet(K), tet(M), ZSAMN11953997
0566Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, aph-STPH, DHA-1, fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, norA, tet(38)SAMN11953998
0567Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, aph(3')-IIIa, aph-STPH, blaI, DHA-1, erm(C), fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, mph(C), msr(A), mupA, norA, tet(38), ZSAMN11953999
0568Staphylococcus aureus ant(9)-Ia, aph(3')-IIIa, aph-STPH, blaI, DHA-1, erm(A), fosB, MEPA, norA, tet(38), tet(K), ZSAMN11954000
0569Staphylococcus aureus aph-STPH, DHA-1, tet(38), tet(M), ZSAMN11954001
0570Staphylococcus aureus aac(6')-Ie, ant(4')-Ia, ant(9)-Ia, aph(3')-IIIa, aph-STPH, blaI, DHA-1, erm(A), fosB, LMRS, mecA, MEPA, mph(C), msr(A), mupA, norA, tet(38), tet(K), ZSAMN11954002
0571Enterococcus avium aac(6')-Ie, tet(O), VanASAMN11954003
0572Enterococcus faecium aacA-ENT1, aph(3')-IIIa, dfrG, erm(B), sat4, VanASAMN11954004
0573Enterococcus faecalis aac(6')-Ie, ant(6)-la, aph(3')-IIIa, erm(B), Lsa(A), tet(L), tet(M)SAMN11954005
0574Enterococcus faecium aacA-ENT1, ant(6)-la, aph(3')-IIIa, erm(B), erm(T), tet(M)SAMN11954006
0575Enterococcus faecium aacA-ENT1, tet(M), tet(U), VanASAMN11954007
0576Enterococcus faecium aacA-ENT1, dfrG, tet(M)SAMN11954008
0577Enterococcus faecalis aac(6')-Ie, aph(3')-IIIa, catA8, dfrG, erm(B), Lsa(A), sat4, STR, tet(L), tet(M)SAMN11954009
0578Enterococcus faecium aac(6')-Ie, aacA-ENT1, dfrG, erm(T), tet(M)SAMN11954010
0579Enterococcus faecium aacA-ENT1, ant(6)-la, aph(2")-IVA, aph(3')-IIIa, aph(3')-IIIa, erm(B), Inu(B), lsa(E), sat4, tet(M), tet(U)SAMN11954011
0580Enterococcus faecalis ant(6)-la, aph(3')-IIIa, catA7, erm(B), Lsa(A), sat4, tet(M)SAMN11954012
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