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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source
0963Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95G, gyrA S91F, WT parCSRR8833284N/AUnited StatesUrethra
0964Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95G, gyrA S91F, parC S87RSRR88332832006United StatesUrethra
0965Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332972005United StatesUrethra
0966Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrAERR8553572012United StatesUrethra
0967Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332922011United StatesUrethra
0968Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332942011United StatesUrethra
0969Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332822011United StatesUrethra
0970Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332882011United StatesUrethra
0971Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95A, gyrA S91F, parCSRR88332892010United StatesUrethra
0972Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrAERR8550852005United StatesUrethra
0973Neisseria gonorrhoeae parC, WT gyrASRR88332901999United StatesUrethra
0974Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95G, gyrA S91F, parC S87RSRR8833291N/AUnited StatesUrethra
0975Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95G, gyrA S91F, parC S87RSRR89924762006United StatesUrethra
0976Neisseria gonorrhoeae gyrA D95G, gyrA S91F, parC S87RSRR89924772006United StatesUrethra
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