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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source
0977Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412170
0978Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412171
0979Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412172
0980Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412173
0981Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412174
0982Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412175
0983Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412176
0984Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412177
0985Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412178
0986Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412179
0987Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412180
0988Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412181
0989Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412182
0990Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412183
0991Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412184
0992Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412185
0993Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412186
0994Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412187
0995Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412188
0996Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412189
0997Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412190
0998Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412191
0999Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412192
1000Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412193
1001Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412194
1002Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412195
1003Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412196
1004Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412197
1005Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412198
1006Staphylococcus aureus mecASAMN13412199
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