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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source Main Panel
1267Acinetobacter baumannii complexSAMN359959842017USASputumAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1271Acinetobacter baumannii complex ADC-18, OXA-500SAMN359959852017USAWoundAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1272Acinetobacter baumannii ABAF, ADC-52, OXA-91SAMN359959862017USAUrineAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1273Acinetobacter baumannii complex ADC-18, OXA-500SAMN359959872017USAUrineAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1274Acinetobacter baumannii aac(6')-Ib-AKT, aadA1, ABAF, ADC-30, ADEC, ant(3")-IIa, aph(3')-Ia, aph(6)-Id, armA, ARR-2, ble-MBL, catB8, cmlA5, mph(E), msr(E), NDM-1, OXA-23, OXA-66, qacEdelta1, strA, sul1, sul2, tet(B)SAMN359959792019USAPeritonealAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1275Acinetobacter baumannii ABAF, ADC-30, ADEC, aph(6)-Id, mph(E), msr(E), OXA-109, OXA-252, strA, sul1, tet(B)SAMN359959822021USAAspirateAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1276Acinetobacter baumannii ABAF, ADC-30, ADEC, aph(6)-Id, mph(E), msr(E), OXA-109, OXA-252, strA, sul1, tet(B)SAMN359959812021USAUrineAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1277Acinetobacter baumannii aac(6')-Il, aadA1, ABAF, ADC-26, ant(3")-IIa, dfrA1, mph(A), OXA-64, TEM-1, VIM-1SAMN359959882022USAWoundAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1278Acinetobacter baumannii aac(6')-Ib-cr, ABAF, ADC-222, AMVA, ant(3")-IIa, aph(3")-Ib, aph(6)-Id, aphA6, catB4, dfrA14, KPC-3, OXA-1, OXA-24, OXA-95, QnrB1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A), tet(B), tet(R)SAMN359959802021USAUrineAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
1279Acinetobacter baumannii ABAF, ADC-30, ADEC, aph(6)-Id, KPC-2, mph(E), msr(E), OXA-66, strASAMN359959832022USAPleural FluidAcinetobacter baumannii (ACI)
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