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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source Main Panel
0001Escherichia coli aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA5, ACRF, catB4, dfrA17, KPC-3, MDF(A), mph(A), OXA-1, sul1, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN04014842Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0002Enterobacter cloacae aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, ACT-45, aph(3')-Ia, aph(3')-Ib, aph(6)-Id, dfrA14, KPC-3, OmpF2, OXA-9, sul2, TEM-1ASAMN04014843Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0003Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, aph(3')-Ib, aph(6)-Id, dfrA14, EMRD, KDEA, KPC-3, Omp35, OmpK35, oqxA, oqxB, OXA-9, SHV-12, sul2, TEM-1ASAMN04014844Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0004Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, aadA2, catA1, dfrA12, EMRD, KDEA, KPC-3, Omp35, OmpK35, oqxB, OXA-9, SHV-11, sul1, TEM-1ASAMN04014845Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0006Escherichia coli aac(3)-IIa, aac(6')-IB3, aadA5, ACRF, aph(3')-Ib, aph(6)-Id, cmlA1, CMY-2, CTX-M-14, dfrA17, EMRD, MDF(A), mph(A), OmpC, OmpC2, OmpF, sul1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A)SAMN04014847Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0009Klebsiella aerogenes CMY2-MIR-ACT-EC, Omp35, Omp36, OmpK35, OmpK36SAMN04014850Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0010Klebsiella pneumoniae CMY-94, EMRD, fosA, KDEA, Omp35, OmpK35, oqxA, oqxB14, SHV-1SAMN04014851Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0012Klebsiella pneumoniae aac(3)-Iva, aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, aph(4)-Ia, catA1, cmlA1, dfrA12, EMRD, KDEA, Omp35, OmpK35, oqxA, oqxB, SHV-12, sul1, sul3SAMN04014853Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0013Escherichia coli aac(3)-IId, aadA2, catA1, CTX-M-14, dfrA12, EC-5, EMRD, MDF(A), mph(A), sul1, TEM-1, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN04014854Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0014Escherichia coli aac(3)-IIa, aac(6')-Ib-cr, ACRF, catB4, CTX-M-15, EMRD, MDF(A), OXA-1, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN04014855Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0015Escherichia coli aac(3)-IId, aac(6')-Ib-cr, aadA5, ACRF, aph(3')-Ib, aph(6)-Id, catB4, CTX-M-15, dfrA17, EMRD, MDF(A), mph(A), OmpF, OXA-1, sul1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A), tet(B), tet(R)SAMN04014856Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0017Escherichia coli ACRF, EMRD, MDF(A)SAMN04014858Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0018Klebsiella aerogenesSAMN04014859Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0019Escherichia coli ACRF, EC-13, EMRD, MDF(A), TEM-1SAMN04014860Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0020Escherichia coli ACRF, MDF(A)SAMN04014861Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0022Citrobacter freundii CMY-109, QnrB38SAMN04014863Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0024Citrobacter koseri MAL-1SAMN04014865Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0025Citrobacter koseri aac(3)-IId, aadA2, aph(6)-Id, dfrA12, MAL-1, mph(A), strA, sul1, sul2, TEM-1, tet(A), tet(R)SAMN04014866Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0026Providencia stuartii aac(2')-Ia, catA3, QnrD1, tet(B)SAMN04014867Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0027Serratia marcescens aac(6')-SERRA, SDEB, SMDA, SMDB, SME, SRTSAMN04014868Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0028Klebsiella oxytoca aph(3')-Ia, OXY-1-1SAMN04014869Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
0029Proteus mirabilis tet(J)SAMN04014870Enterobacterales Carbapenem Breakpoint (BIT)
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