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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source
0314Candida glabrata FKS1, S629PUSA
0315Candida glabrata FKS1 R631G, FKS2 S663PUSA
0316Candida glabrata D632V, FKS1USA
0317Candida glabrata F659Y, FKS2USA
0318Candida glabrata FKS2, S663PUSA
0319Candida glabrata FKS2, S629PUSA
0320Candida glabrata delF658, FKS2USA
0321Candida glabrata FKS1 S629P, FKS2 D666VUSA
0322Candida glabrata FKS2, P667HUSA
0323Candida glabrata FKS2, S663PUSA
0324Candida glabrata FKS2, S663PUSA
0325Candida glabrata FKS2, S663PUSA
0326Candida glabrataUSA
0327Candida glabrataUSA
0328Candida glabrataUSA
0329Candida glabrataUSA
0330Candida glabrataUSA
0331Candida glabrataUSA
0332Candida glabrataUSA
0333Candida glabrataUSA
0334Candida glabrataUSA
0335Candida parapsilosis ERG11 snpUSA
0336Candida parapsilosis ERG11 snpUSA
0337Candida parapsilosis ERG11 snpUSA
0338Candida parapsilosis MRR1 snpUSA
0339Candida parapsilosis MDR1 overexpressionUSA
0340Candida parapsilosisUSA
0341Candida parapsilosisUSA
0342Candida parapsilosisUSA
0343Candida parapsilosisUSA
0344Candida parapsilosisUSA
0345Candida tropicalisUSA
0581Candida glabrataUSA
0582Candida glabrataUSA
0583Candida glabrataUSA
0584Candida glabrataUSA
0585Candida glabrataUSA
0586Candida pelliculosa / Wickerhamomyces anomalusUSA
0587Candida pararugosaUSA
0588Candida kefyrUSA
0589Candida intermediaUSA
0590Candida guilliermondiiUSA
0761Candida albicansUSA
0762Candida albicansUSA
1098Candida tropicalisUSA
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