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Bank #
Organism Resistance Mechanisms Biosample
Accession #
Collection Year Location Source
0731Aspergillus fumigatus L98H, TR34USA
0732Aspergillus fumigatus F495I, L98H, S297T, TR34USA
0733Aspergillus fumigatus L98H, TR34USA
0734Aspergillus fumigatus L98H, TR34USA
0735Aspergillus fumigatus F495I, L98H, S297T, TR34USA
0736Aspergillus fumigatusUSA
0737Aspergillus fumigatusUSA
0738Aspergillus fumigatusUSA
0739Aspergillus fumigatusUSA
0740Aspergillus fumigatusUSA
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