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Inspection Report

Cruise Ship: Aurora Cruise line: P&O Cruises Inspection Date: 09/10/2009 Inspection Score: 100
This cruise ship inspection report lists the deficiencies found during the inspection. Additional information corresponding to each item number is available in the lastest editions of the CDC VSP Operational Manual.

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 DescriptionPoints Deducted
08 PW filling hoses, caps, connections, procedures; Sample records, valves; PW system constructed, maintained0
16 Potentially hazardous food temperatures storage, preparation display, service, transportation0
19 Food protected storage, preparation, display, service, transportation; Original containers, labeling; Food handling minimized; In-use food dispensing, preparation utensils stored0
20 PHF temperature maintenance facilities; Food-contact surfaces designed, constructed, installed, maintained; TMD=s provided, located, calibrated0
22 Dishwashing / equipment washing facilities designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located, operated, TMDs, test kits0
27 Equipment / utensils non-food-contact surfaces clean0
28 Equipment / utensil / linen / single / service storage, handling, dispensed; Clean frequency0
29 Facilities convenient, accessible, designed, installed0
33 Decks / bulkheads / deckheads construction, repair, clean0
34 Plumbing fixtures / supply lines / drain lines / drains installed, repair0
36 Lighting provided, shielded0
Selected Item Details
Item No.: 08
Site: Galley-Hot Galley
Violation: There was a non-continuous pressure type backflow prevention device on the potable water line for the spray hose at the utility sink.
Recommendation: Ensure that a continuous pressure-type backflow preventer is installed when a valve is located downstream from the backflow preventer.
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