Number and percentage of nonfatal lost-time injuries by accident class, 2022

Keywords: Injuries Accidents
Accident Class Injuries
Handling materials 1,125
Slip or fall of person 872
Machinery 433
Powered haulage 362
Hand tools 302
Unknown or NEC 113
Fall of ground (from in place) 109
Stepping/kneeling on object 65
Striking or bumping 31
Exploding vessels under pressure 20
Electrical 18
Falling, rolling, or sliding rock or material 13
Nonpowered haulage 13
Fire 7
Hoisting 4
Ignition/explosion of gas/dust 4
Total 3,491
NOTE: "Fall of ground (from in place)" includes MSHA's Accitent/Injury/Illness classifications for "Fall of face, rib, pillar, side, or highwall (from in place)" and "Fall of roof, back, or brow (from in place)." Nonfatal injury cases classified under "Machinery" were reclassified as a "Fall of ground (from in place)" if the source of the injury was "Caving rock, ore, etc." This reclassification is consistent with how MSHA classifies similar incidents which resulted in a fatal injury. Sum of percentages may not equal 100 due to independent rounding. Excludes office employees. Data Source: MSHA