Mine Disasters by Accident Type, 1839-2020 (N=726)

Keywords: Disasters
Accident Type Number of Incidents
Explosion 538
Fire 79
Ground Fall 37
Haulage 22
Water 19
Machinery/Equipment Fall 16
Suffocation 15
Total 726

Note: A mining disaster is defined as an incident with 5 or more fatalities. Sources

Accident types are defined as:

  • Explosion - includes explosives, blast, powder fumes
  • Fire - includes smoke
  • Water - includes flood, dam failure, inundation
  • Ground fall - includes cave-in, roof fall/bump, fall of rock/face/rib, collapse, slide of bank, snowslide
  • Machinery/Equipment fall - includes cage fall, fall of skip, mine car fall, hoisting accident, crosshead fall, breaking drawbar
  • Suffocation - includes gas inhalation