Evolution of Risk Factors for Sinusitis in WTC Exposed Firefighters

Project Number
NYU School of Medicine
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
2 years


Early neutrophil concentrations in blood drawn within 6 months of exposure were a risk factor for progressive sinusitis. Despite treatment, those affected continue to experience morbidity and reduced quality of life, while screening continues to identify new cases. Development of models, using an inexpensive, biomarker (complete blood count or CBC) that predicts disease severity and progression may enable earlier and more aggressive interventions to improve the health of World Trade Center (WTC)-exposed subjects. This may improve the quality of life of those with high risk of proceeding to sinus surgery. This may also avoid radiation exposure to those at low risk.


Image of Michael  Weiden, MD
Principal Investigator: Michael Weiden, MD
NYU School of Medicine