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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Extension of the World Trade Center Health Registry 2 U50 OH009739-13 Mark Farfel, ScD 2021
Role of Sleep Apnea in Cognition and Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers in WTC Responders 1 U01 OH011852-01 A1 Indu Ayappa, PhD 2021
World Trade Center Particulate Matter Induced Cardiorespiratory and Vascular Dysfunction: a MultiOmic Approach 1 U01 OH011855-01 A1 Anna Nolan, MD MS 2021
Assessing the Feasibility and Acceptability of Using Non-invasive Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (taVNS) to Reduce PTSD Symptoms in WTC Responders 1 U01 OH012050-01 A1 Rebecca Schwartz, PhD 2021
Aerodigestive Disease in the World Trade Center Exposed FDNY Cohort: Validation of Biomarkers and Defining Risk to Tailor Therapy 1 U01 OH012069-01 A1 Mark Farfel, ScD 2021
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and WTC Dust: Does Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Exacerbate WTC Dust Induced Lung Injury 1 U01 OH012072-01 A1 Jag Sunderram, MD 2021
Changes in Monocyte Transcriptome as a Predictor of Cognitive Decline in WTC Responders: a Longitudinal Study 1 U01 OH012257-01 Pei Fen Kuan, PhD 2021
Cognition and Neuropathology in World Trade Center-exposed FDNY, NYPD, and Construction Worker Responders 1 U01 OH012258-01 Sean Clouston, PhD 2021
Evidence of Toxicant-associated Fatty Liver Disease in WTC Responders 1 U01 OH012263-01 Andrea Branch, PhD 2021
Longitudinal Follow-Up of 9/11 Directly Exposed Children in their Age of Transition: Independence, Occupation and Morbidity 1 U01 OH012264-01 Christina W. Hoven, DrPH MPH 2021