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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Validation of non-electrophile Nrf2 activators for WTC relevant pulmonary indications 1 U01 OH012054-01 Michael Cameron, PhD 2020
Myeloma Precursor Disease among WTC responders 1 U01 OH011869-01A1 Rachel Zeig-Owens, DrPH 2020
Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in WTC Responders with PTSD 1 U01 OH012065-01 Yael Cycowicz, PhD 2020
Risk and resilience factors for adverse mental and physical health outcomes related to WTC exposure 1 U01 OH012075-01 Megan Horton, PhD 2020
The Aging Process of WTC Responders: Assessment and Consequences of Frailty 1 U01 OH012068-01 Katherine Ornstein, PhD 2020
Prevalence of Chronic Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential Among WTC Responders 1 U01 OH012071-01 Paolo Boffetta, MD 2020
Effects of WTC Dust Exposure on Cardiac and Cognitive Functions 1 U01 OH012056-01 Loren Wold, PhD 2020
Treatment response of WTC related airway injury 1 U01 OH011682-01A1 Michael Weiden, MD 2019
Thyroid cancer aggressiveness in WTC responders 1 U01 OH011849-01 Emanuela Taioli, PhD MD 2019
Polygenic prediction of PTSD trajectories and inflammation in 9/11 responders 1 U01 OH011864-01 Monika Aldona Waszczuk, PhD 2019