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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Assessing the Impacts of Epidemiologic Biases in WTC Health Studies 1U01-OH010730-01 Hyun Kim, ScD 2014
Biorepository of Cancer Tissue Samples from WTC Responders 1U01-OH010512-01A1 Emanuela Taioli, PhD MD 2014
Deciphering Biological Linkages between PTSD and Respiratory Disease in WTC Responders 1U01-OH010718-01 Bejamin Luft, MD 2014
Evolution of Risk Factors for Sinusitis in WTC Exposed Firefighters 1U01-OH010726-01 Michael Weiden, MD 2014
For How Long is WTC Exposure Associated with Chronic Rhinosinusitis 1U01-OH010711-01 Charles B Hall, PhD 2014
Mental Health Impact and Service Use among Asian Survivors and Rescuers Exposed to the WTC Attack 1U01-OH010516-01A1 Winnie Kung, PhD 2014
Post-9/11 Cancer Incidence in FDNY Firefighters 1U01-OH010728 Mayris Webber, DrPH 2014
Renal and Cardiovascular Impairment in WTC Responders: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment 1U01-OH010716-01 Maryann McLaughlin, MD MPH 2014
The Daily Burden of PTSD and Respiratory Problems in World Trade Center Responders 1U01-OH010712-01 Roman Kotov, PhD 2014
WTC-Heart: A Cohort Study of Heart Diseases in Word Trade Center Responders 1U01-OH010722-01 Alfredo Morabia, MD 2014