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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Exploring Mechanisms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in WTC Responders U01 OH011481-01 A1 Indu Ayappa, PhD 2018
Detection and Incidence of Thyroid Cancer among Three Cohorts of WTC Exposed Rescue and Recovery Workers 1 U01 OH011931 Rachel Zeig-Owens, DrPH 2018
Informed/Shared Decision Making for Prostate Cancer Screening Among Members of the World Trade Center Health Program U01 OH011690-01 Michael Diefenbach, PhD 2018
Multimodal Neuroimaging of Cognitive and Emotional Networks in Young Adults Exposed to 9/11 as Children 1 U01 OH011694-01 Yael Cycowicz, PhD 2018
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in WTC Workers – Diagnoses and Transitions U01 OH011697-01 Rafael E. de la Hoz, MD 2018
Development and Implementation of a Comparison Occupational Cohort for the WTC GRC U01 OH011487-01-A1 Susan Teitelbaum, PhD 2018
World Trade Center tissue Biobank U01 OH011704-01 Emanuela Taioli, PhD MD 2018
Neuroimaging of Resilience in World Trade Center Responders: A Focus on Emotional Processing, Reward and Social Cognition 1 U01 OH011473-01 Adriana Feder, MD 2017
Linking the Effects of 9/11 to Kidney Disease 1 U01 OH011326-01A1 Maryann McLaughlin, MD MPH 2017
Hepatotoxic Exposures, Progressive Fatty Liver Disease (NASH), and Liver Cancer Risk in the World Trade Center Health Program General Responder Cohort 1 U01 OH011489-01 Andrea Branch, PhD 2017