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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Cohort Studies of Incident Cancers in the FDNY WTC Responder Population 200-2011-39489 David Prezant, MD 2011
Enhanced Smoking Cessation Intervention for WTC Responders 200-2011-42057 Evelyn Bromet, PhD 2011
Evaluation of Distal Airway Injury Following Exposure to World Trade Center Dust 200-2011-39413 Kenneth Berger, MD 2011
Pulmonary Function Abnormalities, Diastolic Dysfunction and World Trade Center Exposure: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment 200-2011-39405 Maryann McLaughlin, MD MPH 2011
Trajectories of Psychological Risk and Resilience in World Trade Center Responders 200-2011-41919 Adriana Feder, MD 2011