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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
Prenatal WTC Chemical Exposures, Birth Outcomes and Cardiometabolic Risks 1 U01 OH011299-01A1 Leonardo Trasande, MD MPP 2017
Mortality among WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers 1 U01 OH011480-01 Paolo Boffetta, MD 2017
Metabolomics of World Trade Center-Lung Injury: Biomarker Validation, Longitudinal Assessment and Dietary Intervention 1 U01 OH011300-01A1 Anna Nolan, MD MS 2017
Longitudinal Genome-wide Transcriptome Study of PTSD Symptom Change in WTC Responders 1 U01 OH011478-01 Pei Fen Kuan, PhD 2017
Early Detection of Hematologic Malignancies in New York City Firefighters Exposed To World Trade Center Dust after the 9/11 Attacks 1 U01 OH011933 Amit Verma, MD 2017
Pulmonary Diseases in WTC Workers: Symptoms, Function, and Chest CT Correlates 1 U01 OH010401-05 Rafael E. de la Hoz, MD 2017
Extension of the World Trade Center Health Registry (U50) 2 U50-OH 009739-08 Mark Farfel, ScD 2016
Head and Neck Cancer in the World Trade Center Health Program Cohort; Elucidating Risk Factors to Reduce Incidence and Morbidity 1 U01 OH011322-01 Judith Graber, PhD 2016
Evolution of Risk Factors for Lung Function Decline in WTC Exposed Firefighters 1 U01 OH011302-01 Michael Weiden, MD 2016
Maintenance and Extension of a Cohort of Career Firefighters as a Non-WTC Exposed Comparison for the FDNY Firefighter Cohort 1 U01 OHO11934 Mayris Webber, DrPH 2016