Evolution of Risk Factors for Lung Function Decline in WTC Exposed Firefighters

Project Number
1 U01 OH011302-01
NYU School of Medicine
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
3 years


The study will utilize recently obtained serum to test if biomarkers such as IgE are persistently associated with enhanced-FEV1-decline testing the hypothesis that Eos, PMN, IgE are risk factors for enhanced-FEV1 decline using serum collected from 10/2001-2/2002 and serum collected 2013-2015. This will allow for more intensive monitoring and early treatment to be directed toward high risk individuals; meanwhile, avoided devoting costly resources to intensive screening individuals at low risk for severe disease. This investigation could rationalize anti-IgE in patients with enhanced-FEV1-decline refractory to standard therapy even when there is no other evidence of atopy.


Image of Michael  Weiden, MD
Principal Investigator: Michael Weiden, MD
NYU School of Medicine