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Title Project Number Principal Investigator Fiscal Year Awarded
For How Long is WTC Exposure Associated with Incident Airway Obstruction 1U01-OH010412-01 Charles B Hall, PhD 2012
Health and Socioeconomic Sequelae of the WTC Disaster among Responders 1U01-OH010399-01 Hyun Kim, ScD 2012
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in WTC Responders; Role of Nasal Pathology 1U01-OH010415-01 Jag Sunderram, MD 2012
Prognosis and Determinants of Asthma Morbidity in WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers 1U01-OH010405-01 Juan Wisnivesky, MD DrPH 2012
Pulmonary diseases in WTC Workers: Symptoms, Function, and Chest CT Correlates 1U01-OH010401-01 Rafael E. de la Hoz, MD 2012
Service Need and Use among Youth Exposed to the WTC Attack 1U01-OH010413-01 Christina W. Hoven, DrPH MPH 2012
The Impact of 9/11 on Youth: Mental Health, Substance Use & Other Risk Behaviors 1U01-OH010414-01 Christina W. Hoven, DrPH MPH 2012
Burden of Mental-Physical Comorbidity in World Trade Center Responders 200-2011-39410 Evelyn Bromet, PhD 2011
Cancer Among WTC Responders: Enhanced Surveillance, Exposure Assessment, and Cancer Specific Risks 200-2011-41815 Paolo Boffetta, MD 2011
Cardiovascular Health Impact and Prediction of Incident (primary and subsequent) Cardiovascular Events among WTC Responders 200-2011-41826 Alfredo Morabia, MD 2011