Prenatal WTC Chemical Exposures, Birth Outcomes and Cardiometabolic Risks

Project Number
1 U01 OH011299-01A1
NYU School of Medicine
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
4 years


Effects of perinatal exposures to the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster have identified increases in adverse birth outcomes. The disaster also released large amounts of particulate matter, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants, which have been associated with adverse birth outcomes and cardiometabolic risks later in life. If WTC exposures, chemical and psychological, are associated with these outcomes, the study findings could facilitate proactive interventions such as treatment with antihypertensive medications, which have been documented to prolong survival among adults with suboptimal cardiovascular profile.


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Image of Leonardo  Trasande, MD          MPP
Principal Investigator: Leonardo Trasande, MD MPP
NYU School of Medicine