Incidence, Latency, and Survival of Cancer Following World Trade Center Exposure

Project Number
1 U01 OH011932
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
4 years


Combining follow-up from all three cohorts of World Trade Center (WTC) rescue/recovery workers, this study will update estimates of the effect of WTC-exposure on cancer incidence, study in detail the latency period between exposure and cancer incidence, and study the effect of WTC-exposure and other prognostic factors on survival after cancer diagnosis in this population.  This research will add to the understanding of long-term consequences of WTC-exposure, inform surveillance efforts in future environmental disasters, will stimulate further research into environmental risk factors for cancer in this and other cohorts, and will stimulate future work that would maximize survival of cancer patients among WTC-exposed workers.


Paolo Boffetta, M.D., M.P.H.


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Image of Charles B Hall, PhD
Principal Investigator: Charles B Hall, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine