Context and Ethnic Diversity: Children's Responses to 9/11

Project Number
New York State Psychiatric Institute
Fiscal Year Awarded
Project Duration
1 year


The Trauma, Context and Outcome (TCO) study will identify the role that race/ethnicity, interacting with family and neighborhood contextual factors, had on the mental health outcomes of youth exposed to 9/11 and will contribute to the NIOSH World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program. This study will clarify the role that children�s context played in determining if they had a resilient, versus an adverse response to 9/11. This understanding is key to the development of improved and targeted prevention and treatment strategies, as well as public policies, for all children exposed to mass trauma, but especially minority populations.


Image of Christina W. Hoven, DrPH        MPH
Principal Investigator: Christina W. Hoven, DrPH MPH
New York State Psychiatric Institute