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NHANES 1999-2000 Laboratory Data

Data File NameDoc FileData FileDate Published
Aflatoxin B1-lysine - Serum (Surplus) SSAFB_A Doc SSAFB_A Data [XPT, 945.1 KB] August, 2012
Albumin & Creatinine - Urine LAB16 Doc LAB16 Data [XPT, 306.9 KB] June, 2002
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) & Inhibin-B (Surplus) SSAMH_A Doc SSAMH_A Data [XPT, 11.7 KB] January, 2015
Autoantibodies - Immunofluorescence & Immunoprecipitation Analyses (Surplus) SSANA_A Doc SSANA_A Data [XPT, 933.6 KB] Updated February, 2012
Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Cotinine & Nutritional Biochemistries LAB06 Doc LAB06 Data [XPT, 2.8 MB] Updated September, 2007
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea - Urine LAB05 Doc LAB05 Data [XPT, 50.5 KB] June, 2002
Cholesterol - LDL & Triglycerides LAB13AM Doc LAB13AM Data [XPT, 215.9 KB] Updated March, 2007
Cholesterol - Total & HDL LAB13 Doc LAB13 Data [XPT, 327.3 KB] Updated April, 2010
Complete Blood Count with 5-part Differential - Whole Blood LAB25 Doc LAB25 Data [XPT, 1.4 MB] Updated April, 2006
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) LAB11 Doc LAB11 Data [XPT, 458 KB] Updated September, 2008
Cryptosporidum & Toxoplasma LAB17 Doc LAB17 Data [XPT, 372.7 KB] June, 2002
Cystatin C - Serum (Surplus) SSCYST_A Doc SSCYST_A Data [XPT, 65.7 KB] June, 2008
Cytomegalovirus IgG Antibodies - Serum (Surplus) SSCMV_A Doc SSCMV_A Data [XPT, 110.3 KB] March, 2008
Dioxins, Furans, & Coplanar PCBs LAB28POC Doc LAB28POC Data [XPT, 3.6 MB] Updated January, 2009
Fasting Questionnaire PH Doc PH Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] Updated December, 2005
Folic Acid - Unmetabolized (Surplus) SSFOL_A Doc SSFOL_A Data [XPT, 75.8 KB] Updated July, 2010
Glycohemoglobin LAB10 Doc LAB10 Data [XPT, 106.6 KB] Updated March, 2012
Hepatitis A Antibody L02HPA_A Doc L02HPA_A Data [XPT, 135.2 KB] March, 2008
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody L02HBS Doc L02HBS Data [XPT, 135.2 KB] Updated June, 2008
Hepatitis B: Core Antibody & Surface Antigen; Hepatitis C: Confirmed Antibody & RNA (HCV-RNA); Hepatitis D Antibody LAB02 Doc LAB02 Data [XPT, 404.1 KB] Updated November, 2010
Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 & Type-2 LAB09 Doc LAB09 Data [XPT, 94.1 KB] Updated May, 2010
Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 (Surplus) SSHSV1_A Doc SSHSV1_A Data [XPT, 23.4 KB] October, 2006
HIV Antibody Test, CD4+ T Lymphocytes & CD8+ T Cells LAB03 Doc LAB03 Data [XPT, 89.4 KB] Updated August, 2006
Latex LAB07 Doc LAB07 Data [XPT, 122 KB] June, 2002
Lead - Dust LAB20 Doc LAB20 Data [XPT, 173 KB] June, 2006
Measles, Rubella, & Varicella LAB19 Doc LAB19 Data [XPT, 178.3 KB] December, 2004
Mercury - Hair LAB22 Doc LAB22 Data [XPT, 134.4 KB] Updated January, 2005
Metals - Urine LAB06HM Doc LAB06HM Data [XPT, 1.3 MB] March, 2005
Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) (Surplus ) SSOL_A Doc SSOL_A Data [XPT, 754 KB] August, 2012
Mumps Antibody - Serum (Surplus) SSMUMP_A Doc SSMUMP_A Data [XPT, 111.6 KB] Updated June, 2009
Perfluoroaokyl Chemicals - Serum (Surplus) SSPFC_A Doc SSPFC_A Data [XPT, 289.8 KB] Updated September, 2012
Pesticides - Current Use - Urine (Formerly Priority Pesticides, Non-persistent Pesticide Metabolites) LAB26PP Doc LAB26PP Data [XPT, 1.5 MB] Updated January, 2012
Phthalates, Phytoestrogens & PAHs - Urine PHPYPA Urinary Phthalates PHPYPA Doc PHPYPA Data [XPT, 1.4 MB] Updated January, 2012
Plasma Fasting Glucose, Serum C-peptide & Insulin LAB10AM Doc LAB10AM Data [XPT, 206 KB] Updated September, 2009
Pregnancy Test - Urine UC Doc UC Data [XPT, 29.8 KB] Updated January, 2007
Sex Steroid Hormone - Men (Surplus) SSCHL_A Doc SSCHL_A Data [XPT, 19.2 KB] Updated March, 2013
Standard Biochemistry Profile & Hormones LAB18 Doc LAB18 Data [XPT, 2.1 MB] Updated August, 2006
Telomere Mean and Standard Deviation (Surplus) TELO_A Doc TELO_A Data [XPT, 84.8 KB] Updated February, 2015
Thyroid - Stimulating Hormone & Thyroxine (TSH & T4) LAB18T4 Doc LAB18T4 Data [XPT, 108.3 KB] Updated February, 2008
Trans Fatty Acids TFA_A Doc TFA_A Data [XPT, 104.1 KB] May, 2016
Transferrin Receptor - Pregnant Women (Surplus) SSTFR_A Doc SSTFR_A Data [XPT, 7.7 KB] Updated August, 2008
Urinary cytomegalovirus shedding SSUCSH_A Doc SSUCSH_A Data [XPT, 162 KB] January, 2016
Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody (Surplus) SSVARI_A Doc SSVARI_A Data [XPT, 5.2 KB] March, 2009
Volatile Organic Compounds - Blood & Water LAB04 Doc LAB04 Data [XPT, 306.1 KB] December, 2006
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - Personal Exposure Badge LAB21 Doc LAB21 Data [XPT, 360.4 KB] April, 2005