Conferences and Q-Bank

Question evaluation conferences bring together practitioners in government, academia and private research organizations to share research, standards and best practices. The following conferences and groups have specifically focused in areas of question evaluation, and have collaborated with Q-Bank to host or promote content and materials from their event.

Upcoming Conferences

Opioid Survey Question Evaluation Symposium Date: TBD

NCHS will be hosting an event to bring together researchers who have conducted question evaluation research on opioid-related questions from various state and federal surveys.


The QUEST (QUestionnaire Evaluation STandards) network is an international workgroup for practitioners of question evaluation research. QUEST typically hosts a conference every 18 months.

Previous Events


In 2016, the QDET2 conference provided a creative environment for researchers from across the world, working in government, academia and the private sector to come together to share new solutions and fresh approaches to survey measurement, questionnaire design and evaluation.


In 2009, the Question Evaluation Methods workshop was created for survey methodologists to discuss various question evaluation methods. Authors engaged in an interdisciplinary examination of each method. A secondary goal of the workshop was to recommend guidelines for evaluation reports submitted to Q-Bank.


In 2002, The International Conference on Questionnaire Development, Evaluation, and Testing Methods (QDET) brought together over 300 conference attendees represented 23 countries and six continents.