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Beginning in January 2017, ATSDR will begin to take steps to streamline our website. As a result, Public Health Assessments (PHAs) and Health Consultations (HCs) preceding 2004 will no longer be available on our website. A list of documents that have been removed can be found in the "Archive documents" pdf below. To access PHAs and HCs published before October 1, 2004, please send a request to the ATSDR Records Center by email: We apologize for any inconvenience. Archive documents PDF

32 Document(s) Available for Review
Site NameTypeLocationDate
Gilmore Mine Area and Townsite  pdf icon [1998 KB] - Evaluation of Lead in soil
HC Gilmore 06/26/2023
Lazy Lane Firing Range  pdf icon [444 KB] - Soil Assessment of Former East Lazy Lane Firing Range
HC Idaho Falls 10/19/2016
HC Arco 03/03/2015
HC Caribou 07/10/2014
Blackfoot, Salt and Bear River Watersheds  pdf icon [1228 KB] - Selenium in Fish Tissue
HC Soda Springs 08/28/2013
St. Maries Creosote  pdf icon [301 KB]
HC St. Maries 07/18/2013
Union Pacific Railroad Company  pdf icon [2666 KB]
HC Pocatello 04/24/2013
FMC Site, Eastern Michaud Flats  pdf icon [627 KB] - Phosphine gas and human exposures from Pond 15S - Follow-up to June 2010 Letter Health Consultation
HC Chubbuck 12/10/2010
HC 09/01/2010
FMC Site, Eastern Michaud Flats  pdf icon [608 KB] - Phosphine gas and human exposures from Pond 15S
HC Chubbuck and Pocatello 06/02/2010
Panhandle Smelting and Refining Company  pdf icon [321 KB] - Human Health Hazard Posed by Exposure to Lead in Soil and Dust
HC Ponderay 04/16/2010
Twin Falls Mercury Spill  pdf icon [300 KB] - Evaluation of Mercury Exposure Risk for Families Residing at Apartment Complex
HC Twin Falls 03/03/2010
Whiskey Jack Community  pdf icon [270 KB] - Arsenic - Hazard From Exposure in Well Water
HC Whiskey Jack 09/30/2009
Sweet Area Flouride  pdf icon [524 KB] - Evaluation of Flouride in Private Drinking Water Wells in the Communities of Sweet Montour and Surrounding Areas
HC 09/09/2009
Lewiston Air Toxics Monitoring 2006-2007 - Revised  pdf icon [618 KB] - Evaluation of Potential Health Effects from Air Toxics
HC 09/03/2009
HC Cobalt 03/16/2009
Livingston Mill And Mine Site  pdf icon [1041 KB]
HC Clayton 06/23/2008
Mission Creek Water System  pdf icon [397 KB] - Evaluation of Uranium and Alpha Particles in Drinking Water Serving Mt. Hall School and Surrounding Areas
HC Mt. Hall 06/09/2008
HC Boise 06/05/2008
Trica - Immanuel Church  pdf icon [924 KB] - Letter Health Consultation
HC Boise 05/07/2008
Broadway Cleaners Site  pdf icon [620 KB] - Indoor Air Evaluation & Risk Assessment Boise State University Campus
HC Boise 09/28/2007
Desert View Estates Water System  pdf icon [1331 KB] - Evaluation of Uranium and Alpha Particles in Drinking Water
HC Kuna 09/07/2007
Portneuf Valley Air Toxics  pdf icon [1503 KB] - Ambient Air Data Evaluation & Health Assessment
HC Bannock 08/21/2007
Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Complex Operable Unit 3  pdf icon [3416 KB] - (a/k/a Coeur d'Alene River Basin)
PHA 03/26/2007
Sunnyside Area Groundwater Contamination  pdf icon [1808 KB] - Evaluation of Antibiotic, Steroid Hormone & Nitrate Compounds in Groundwater Near a Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
HC Weiser 03/19/2007
Treasure Valley Area  pdf icon [322 KB] - Evaluation of Air Contaminants
HC 09/30/2006
PHA Bannock 02/24/2006
Fort Hall Indian Reservation Site  pdf icon [251 KB] - Evaluation of Organic Contaminants in The Private Wells Located Off The Fort Hall Indian Reservation Site
HC Fort Hall Indian Reservation Site 04/04/2005
Lake Pend Oreille  pdf icon [110 KB] - Evaluation of mercury in trout and white fish
HC 04/04/2005
Eastern Michaud Flats Contamination  pdf icon [8905 KB] - - Eastern Michaud Flats
PHA Pocatello 03/21/2005
State of Idaho  pdf icon [482 KB] - Evaluation of Benzene Air Contamination in Lewiston Area
HC Lewiston 02/16/2005
Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Complex  pdf icon [365 KB] - (Evaluation of Potential Cancer Risk from Exposure to Gypsum at the A-4 Gypsum Pond)
HC Smelterville 07/06/2004

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