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Beginning in January 2017, ATSDR will begin to take steps to streamline our website. As a result, Public Health Assessments (PHAs) and Health Consultations (HCs) preceding 2004 will no longer be available on our website. A list of documents that have been removed can be found in the "Archive documents" pdf below. To access PHAs and HCs published before October 1, 2004, please send a request to the ATSDR Records Center by email: We apologize for any inconvenience. Archive documents PDF

Document(s) Available for Public Comment

ATSDR appreciates your input on documents released for public comments. To request a copy of an ATSDR document call toll-free, (800) 232-4636 or e-mail the Information Center.

Health Consultation(s)

Site InformationDocument DateComment End Date
Evaluation of Ethylene Oxide Concentrations in Outdoor Air Near Sterigenics, Willowbrook, Dupage County, Illinois - Public Commentpdf
[PDF, 7689 KB]
Fact Sheetpdf
[PDF, 703 KB]

Disclaimer: The public comment documents are provided to allow the public an opportunity to identify issues within the documents that are missing, incorrect, or are unclear as written. Comments must be received within the timeframe identified with each document. Comments will be addressed by the authors, and changes or responses to the comments will be reflected in the final version of the documents. Final versions will then be posted on our Web site for review.

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80 Document(s) Available for Review
Site NameTypeLocationDate
HC Willowbrook 11/17/2023
HC Chicago 02/17/2022
HC Wedron 10/22/2019
Village of Sandoval Site  pdf icon [1416 KB]
HC Sandoval 12/17/2018
Sterigenics International Inc. [1789 KB] - Evaluation of Potential Health Impacts from Ethylene Oxide Emissions 
Sterigenics ATSDR Public Statement  pdf icon [477 KB]
HC Willowbrook 08/21/2018
KCBX (AKA, Chicago Petroleum Coke Sites)  pdf icon [3819 KB] - Review of Analysis of Particulate Matter and Metal Exposures in Air
HC Chicago 08/23/2016
HC Wedron 06/12/2014
Radiac Abrasives, Inc  pdf icon [5875 KB]
HC Chicago 03/24/2014
HC Waukegan 01/07/2014
Carnotite Reduction Company Site  pdf icon [181 KB]
HC Chicago 12/04/2013
HC Waukegan 11/29/2012
Berkley Street Soil Contamination  pdf icon [1682 KB]
HC Winnebago 11/16/2012
HC Crestwood 03/25/2011
Former Orchard Hills Golf Course  pdf icon [334 KB]
HC Waukegan 06/22/2010
Hartford Residential Community  pdf icon [307 KB] - Vapor Intrusion Event
HC Hartford 02/24/2010
Wilson Yard Redevelopment Project  pdf icon [201 KB]
HC Chicago 09/22/2009
Morris Paint Varnish  pdf icon [1449 KB]
HC East St Louis 08/20/2009
Hod Land Fill  pdf icon [170 KB]
HC Antioch 07/02/2009
Interstate Pollution Control  pdf icon [478 KB]
PHA Rockford 06/10/2009
Moriah Congregation Mercury Spill  pdf icon [192 KB]
HC Deerfield 04/21/2009
Acme Steel Coke Plant  pdf icon [228 KB]
HC Chicago 03/24/2009
Intermetwagner-havana Site  pdf icon [237 KB]
HC Havana 03/04/2009
Lake Calumet Cluster Site  pdf icon [489 KB]
PHA Chicago 02/11/2009
PHA Rockford 02/10/2009
Bensenville Residential Mercury Spill  pdf icon [161 KB] - 1100 Block of Argyle Street
HC Bensenville 01/09/2009
Oakgrisby Plant #2  pdf icon [112 KB]
HC Crystal Lake 12/16/2008
Johns-Manville Site  pdf icon [83 KB]
HC Waukegan 12/16/2008
Paintcraft Corporation  pdf icon [209 KB]
HC Galesburg 10/20/2008
Chanute Air Force Base  pdf icon [2366 KB]
PHA Rantoul 09/30/2008
HC Champaign 09/11/2008
HC Abingdon 08/28/2008
Kettle River Creosole  pdf icon [992 KB]
HC Glen Carbon 08/27/2008
Century Smelting  pdf icon [192 KB]
HC Chicago 08/14/2008
Valspar Paint  pdf icon [284 KB]
HC Chicago 08/14/2008
Residential Mercury Spill  pdf icon [60 KB]
HC Lincoln 06/23/2008
HC Champaign 06/23/2008
Collinsville Keel  pdf icon [77 KB]
HC Collinsville 06/23/2008
Penntex Resources, Illinois/lawrence Oil Field  pdf icon [2397 KB] - Exposure Investigation Report
HC Greater Bridgeport Area 03/20/2008
Doe Run Smelter  pdf icon [77 KB] - Illinois Investigation
HC Valmeyer/Harrisonville 03/07/2008
Illinois Beach State Park  pdf icon [2205 KB] - Evaluation of Asbestos Exposures
Exposure Investigation Report
HC Zion 10/19/2007
HC Joliet 10/16/2007
HC Waukegan 09/13/2007
Philadelphia Groundwater  pdf icon [1193 KB] - Locust Lane and Illinois Route 125
HC Philadephia 09/07/2007
Former Electro Finishers  pdf icon [1670 KB]
HC Chicago 09/06/2007
Acme Steel Coke Plant  pdf icon [1624 KB]
HC Chicago 08/24/2007
HC East St. Louis 08/24/2007
Lefton Iron And Metal Company  pdf icon [928 KB]
HC East St. Louis 05/29/2007
HC East St. Louis 05/04/2007
Minerva Mine #1  pdf icon [964 KB]
HC Cave-In-Rock 05/04/2007
Hegeler Zinc  pdf icon [3029 KB]
PHA Hegeler 02/02/2007
Dixie Auto Salvage  pdf icon [1140 KB]
HC Danville 09/30/2006
Bohn Heat Transfer Facility  pdf icon [1118 KB]
HC Beardstown 09/30/2006
Belvidere Municipal Landfill #1  pdf icon [836 KB]
HC Belvidere 09/30/2006
Lincoln Limited Landfill  pdf icon [1642 KB]
HC Ford Heights 09/30/2006
Ottawa Radiation Areas  pdf icon [938 KB]
PHA Ottawa 07/25/2006
Smith-Douglass  pdf icon [371 KB]
HC Streator 07/06/2006
HC Chicago 06/13/2006
HC West Chicago 05/23/2006
Premcor Refinery Site  pdf icon [256 KB]
HC Blue Island 05/18/2006
Kerr-McGee West Chicago Wastewater Treatment Plant  pdf icon [63 KB] - West Branch of the Dupage River
HC West Chicago 03/10/2006
Woodstock Municipal Landfill  pdf icon [203 KB]
PHA Woodstock 03/02/2006
St. Louis Smelting and Refining  pdf icon [894 KB]
PHA Collinsville 01/04/2006
Hartford Residences  pdf icon [410 KB] - Quarterly Indoor Air Sampling
HC Hartford 09/09/2005
Formosa Plastics Plant Explosion  pdf icon [148 KB] - Cantrell Road and Old U.S. Route 36
HC Illiopolis 09/08/2005
Double A Metals  pdf icon [135 KB]
HC Chicago 08/02/2005
Asarco Inc.  pdf icon [378 KB]
PHA Taylor Springs 07/18/2005
State of Illinois  pdf icon [396 KB] - - Hennessy/Kedzie And Tower Jill Road Sites
HC Gilberts 06/10/2005
Acme Solvents Inc. Site  pdf icon [325 KB] - (a/k/a Acme Solvent Reclaiming, Inc.)
HC New Milford 03/17/2005
Union Mechling Company  pdf icon [483 KB]
HC Seneca 02/23/2005
Interstate Heat Treating, Inc.  pdf icon [305 KB]
HC Westville 02/23/2005
Byron Salvage Yard  pdf icon [902 KB] - (a/k/a Byron Johnson)
HC Byron 02/23/2005
State of Illinois  pdf icon [271 KB] - Mount Greenwood #2 St. Louis Avenue
HC Chicago and Merrionette Park 02/23/2005
Lanson Chemical/Purex Corporation  pdf icon [583 KB]
HC East St. Louis 02/23/2005
South East Rockford Groundwater  pdf icon [891 KB] - (a/k/a/ South East Rockford Ground Water) Soil Gas Infiltration in Area 4 and Area 7
HC Rockford 09/30/2004
DuPage County Landfill  pdf icon [700 KB] - (a/k/a Blackwell Forest Preserve)
HC Warrenville 09/10/2004
HC Leroy 08/27/2004
Yeoman Creek Landfill  pdf icon [497 KB]
HC Waukegan 07/21/2004
Koppers Wood Treating Company  pdf icon [459 KB] - (a/k/a Galesburg/Koppers Company)
PHA Galesburg 05/19/2004
Illinois Beach State Park  pdf icon [866 KB]
PHA Zion 06/16/2000
HC 09/17/1998

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