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Beginning in January 2017, ATSDR will begin to take steps to streamline our website. As a result, Public Health Assessments (PHAs) and Health Consultations (HCs) preceding 2004 will no longer be available on our website. A list of documents that have been removed can be found in the "Archive documents" pdf below. To access PHAs and HCs published before October 1, 2004, please send a request to the ATSDR Records Center by email: We apologize for any inconvenience. Archive documents PDF

93 Document(s) Available for Review
Site NameTypeLocationDate
Northrop Grumman/Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant Facilities  pdf icon [1780 KB] - Bethpage, Nassau County and Calverton, Suffolk County, New York
HC Bethpage 11/18/2022
HC Kings and Queens Counties 12/03/2019
Northrop Grumman/Naval Weapons Industrial  pdf icon [1143 KB] - Bethpage, Nassau County and Calverton, Suffolk County, New York
HC Bethpage 05/23/2019

Arsenic Mine Site
Evaluation of Shallow Residential Soils 
Health Consultation [1432 KB] 
Public Health Advisory [674 KB] 
Factsheet [220 KB] 
Spanish  pdf icon [250 KB]
[En Español]
HC Town of Kent 04/30/2019
Gowanus Canal  pdf icon [1199 KB]
PHA City of New York borough of Brooklyn 01/11/2017
Black River PCBs  pdf icon [2285 KB] - Village of Carthage/West Carthage
PHA Town of Champion 10/14/2016
HC Kings & Queens Counties 04/18/2016
PHA City of Lockport 12/18/2015
HC Aurelius, Fleming and Springport 10/27/2015
Black River PCBs  pdf icon [1782 KB] - Village of Carthage/West Carthage
PHA Town of Champion 07/01/2015
Public School 51X  pdf icon [217 KB]
HC City of New York 05/27/2015
Tri-Cities Barrel Company  pdf icon [2459 KB]
HC Fenton 01/21/2015
Lawrence Aviation  pdf icon [709 KB]
HC Port Jefferson Station 05/16/2014
Newtown Creek  pdf icon [1947 KB]
PHA New York 02/24/2014
HC Queens 01/23/2014
Mackenzie Chemical Works, Inc.  pdf icon [756 KB]
HC Central Islip 12/04/2013
Hudson RIver PCBs  pdf icon [259 KB] - Evaluation of Private Drinking Water Well in the Upper Hudson River
HC Saratoga 12/02/2013
Dewey Loeffel Landfill  pdf icon [951 KB]
HC Town of Nassau 11/01/2013
Lafarge Cement Plant  pdf icon [2043 KB]
PHA Ravena 07/25/2013
Eighteen Mile Creek Site  pdf icon [574 KB]
HC Lockport 03/25/2013
LaFarge Cement Plant  pdf icon [4968 KB] - Summary of Environmental Data and Exposure Pathway Evaluation; Health Risk Assessments; and Health Outcome Data
HC Ravena 01/09/2013
HC East Patchogue 10/09/2012
Hopewell Precision Area  pdf icon [2192 KB] - Groundwater Contamination Site
HC East Fishkill 07/03/2012
Blydenburgh Road Landfill Site  pdf icon [4862 KB]
HC Town of Islip 06/05/2012
HC Queens 02/29/2012
Brookhaven National Laboratory  pdf icon [9403 KB]
PHA Upton 07/06/2011
Hudson River PCBs  pdf icon [2419 KB] - Residential Proximity to the Hudson River and Hospitalization rates for Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke: 1990-2005
HC Hudson Falls 06/16/2011
GSA Fleet Management Motor Pool Parcel  pdf icon [2885 KB] - (a/k/a Lot No. 2, Block 675 at 870 Third Avenue)
HC New York City 06/03/2011
NL Industries, Inc -- DEPEW  pdf icon [399 KB] - Walden Avenue Right-of-Way 2010 Soil Sampling Results
HC Depew 03/18/2011
HC Town of Union 02/15/2011
Olean Well Field Site  pdf icon [1166 KB]
HC Olean 01/26/2011
HC East Fishkill 12/15/2010
BEC Trucking Site  pdf icon [462 KB]
HC Town of Vestal 11/30/2010
Middleville Tannery Dump Site  pdf icon [883 KB]
HC Norway 10/14/2010
Fraiser Paint and Paper Site  pdf icon [666 KB]
HC Glens Falls 05/10/2010
Southside High School  pdf icon [210 KB] - Evaluation of Exposure Pathways Related to the 2009 Environmental Management Plan
HC Elmira 03/04/2010
Southside High School  pdf icon [2886 KB] - Evaluation of Exposures Related to Soil Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Verification - December 2009
PHA Elmira 03/04/2010
Former Jewett White Lead Property and Adjacent Residential Neighborhood  pdf icon [475 KB] - Residential Property Sampling - 2009 Sampling Results
HC Staten Island 02/24/2010
Lawrence Aviation Industries  pdf icon [1307 KB] - Soil Vapor Intrusion Evaluation
HC Port Jefferson 02/17/2010
Lovett Coal Ash Landfill  pdf icon [1170 KB]
HC Stony Point 10/14/2009
Brookhaven Landfill Petition  pdf icon [761 KB]
HC Brokkhaven 09/30/2009
Bianchi-weiss Greenhouse Site  pdf icon [1350 KB]
HC East Patchogue 09/22/2009
Liberty Industrial Finishing Corp  pdf icon [1357 KB] - Soil Vapor Intrusion Data Evaluation
HC Farmingdale 09/22/2009
HC Brooklyn 09/22/2009
Northport Power Station  pdf icon [324 KB]
HC Northport Long Island 08/31/2009
Fmc Corporation Facility  pdf icon [2419 KB] - Soil Vapor Intrusion Investigation
HC Village of Middleport 08/26/2009
HC Salamanca 05/06/2009
Long Island Sound  pdf icon [346 KB] - Evaluation of Fish Contaminant Data
HC 02/23/2009
Computer Circuits  pdf icon [344 KB]
HC Hauppage 02/23/2009
Rowe Industries Superfund Site  pdf icon [1390 KB] - Februrary and March 2008 Soil Vapor Intrusion Sampling
HC Sag Harbor 09/30/2008
Former NL Industries Site  pdf icon [64 KB] - Phase 2 Residential Properties
HC Depew 09/25/2008
Mohonk Road Industrial Plant  pdf icon [124 KB]
HC High Falls 09/23/2008
Mrs Plating Site  pdf icon [107 KB]
HC Lockport 09/19/2008
HC Torrey 08/15/2008
General Electric Fort Edward Facility  pdf icon [1800 KB] - Soil Vapor Intrusion Evaluation
HC Fort Edward 08/13/2008
Twin City - Leather Company  pdf icon [592 KB]
HC Gloversville 06/09/2008
Endicott Area Investigation - Follow Up  pdf icon [461 KB] - Health Statistics Review - Cancer and Birth Outcome Analysis
HC Town of Union 05/15/2008
HC Town of Massena 09/28/2007
Hopewell Precision Area Contamination  pdf icon [614 KB] - Hamlet of Hopewell Junction
PHA Town of East Fishkill 09/28/2007
Great Kills Park  pdf icon [215 KB] - Gateway National Recreation Area National Park Service
HC Staten Island 05/31/2007
PHA Town of Hempstead 04/24/2007

Public Health Implications of Exposers to Low-Level Volatile Organic Compounds in Public Drinking Water 
Endicott Area Investigation  pdf icon [1307 KB]
HC 11/30/2006
Hudson Technologies INC  pdf icon [520 KB]
PHA Hillburn 11/30/2006
Endicott - IBM  pdf icon [1161 KB] - Historical Outdoor Air Emissions in the Endicott Are
HC Village of Edicott 11/17/2006
Mariners Marsh Park  pdf icon [252 KB] - Area of Concern
HC Staten Island 09/30/2006
Endicott Village - IBM  pdf icon [1240 KB] - Public Comment Release - Historical Outdoor Air Emissions in the Endicott Area
HC Endicott 07/20/2006
Endicott Area Investigation  pdf icon [750 KB] - Health Statistics Review: Cancer and Birth Outcome Analysis
HC Town of Union 05/26/2006
Town of Brutus 05/08/2006
Diaz Chemical Corporation  pdf icon [158 KB] - (a/k/a FMC C/O Diaz Chemical C/O FMC)
January 5, 2002 Air Release
Dioxins in Residential Soil
HC Village of Holley 03/01/2006
Ellenville Scrap Iron and Metal  pdf icon [1222 KB]
PHA Ellenville 02/01/2006
PHA Great Neck 12/30/2005

Holtsville Residential Area 
Health Consultation [1005 KB] 
Appendices A-E  pdf icon [862 KB]
HC Holtsville 12/13/2005
Prima Asphalt Concrete Inc (PAVCO)  pdf icon [573 KB] - Results of Air Exposure Investigation
HC Holbrook 12/13/2005
Norlite Corporation  pdf icon [1644 KB] - 628 South Saratoga Street
PHA Cohoes 12/02/2005
Lawrence Avation Industries  pdf icon [506 KB]
PHA Port Jefferson 11/29/2005

Brookhaven Landfill 
Health Consultation [756 KB] 
Appendices A-E  pdf icon [632 KB]
HC Town of Brookhaven 11/29/2005
Brookhaven National Laboratory  pdf icon [3900 KB] - Public Comment Release
PHA Upton 09/30/2005
Mohonk Road Industrial Plant  pdf icon [721 KB] - 1,4 – Dioxane In Private Drinking Water
PHA Hamlet of High Falls 06/22/2005
HC New York 05/27/2005
Village of Liberty Water Supply System  pdf icon [447 KB] - - Elm Street Well
HC Liberty 05/06/2005

Jackson Steel Products, Inc. 
Public Health Assessment [309 KB] 
Appendices  pdf icon [777 KB]
PHA Hempstead 04/15/2005
HC New York 03/29/2005

Liberty Industrial Finishing Corporation 
Public Health Assessment [353 KB] 
Appendix A [758 KB] 
Appendices B-G  pdf icon [1033 KB]
PHA Farmingdale 03/22/2005
Mohonk Road Industrial Plant  pdf icon [154 KB]
PHA Marbletown 03/14/2005

Abby Street/Hickory Woods Subdivision 
Health Consultation [559 KB] 
Attachments 1-7  pdf icon [917 KB]
HC Buffalo 10/13/2004
Colonie Site  pdf icon [1037 KB] - (Aliases: Colonie Interim Storage Site and Formerly National Lead Industries)
HC Colonie 10/05/2004
C & F Plating Site  pdf icon [86 KB] - (a/k/a C and F Plating Company Incorporated) - Assessment of Metals at the C & F Plating Site
HC Albany 06/29/2004
Former NL Industries Site  pdf icon [114 KB] - (a/k/a NL Industries Incorporated/BuffaloPlant) - Four Metals in Soil on Off-site Residential Properties
HC Depew 06/08/2004
Consolidated Iron and Metal  pdf icon [825 KB]
PHA Newburgh 05/25/2004
SouthSide High School  pdf icon [12073 KB]
HC Elmira 09/30/2003
Crown Cleaners Site  pdf icon [565 KB] - (a/k/a Crown Cleaners of Watertown Incorporated)
PHA Carthage 09/29/2003
PHA East Fishkill 09/08/2003
Dewey Loeffel Landfill  pdf icon [6201 KB]
HC Nassau 05/15/2003

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