Case Study 5: A Sexual Advance

A frustrated patient expresses anger at a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and then surprises her with a sexual advance.

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A Slow Recovery

Arthur Rowland, age 36, is recovering from serious injuries sustained at a construction job accident, including internal organ damage and skeletal fractures. His prognosis for eventual recovery is good, but the estimated time for further hospitalization is at least another week before discharge to a longer-term rehabilitation program.

An Angry Attitude Toward Nurses

In the course of many post-operative treatment protocols, nurses have observed Mr. Rowland's generally angry attitude and impatience with his situation. This has included resentment about necessary constraints on his physical mobility and needing help with routines such as frequent turning, or getting out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Lashing Out

While he has been minimally respectful toward professional staff he regularly lashes out verbally at nursing assistants around such things as not leaving his water within easy reach, or taking too long to respond to his call bell. In the following video, a CNA responds to his call for help.

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