Introduction to Case Studies

In this section you will see principles from this course illustrated in five video case studies. All case studies derive from true stories with modifications to better illustrate best practices and provide opportunities for reflection and discussion.

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Intervention with Psychiatric Patient in ED

A psychiatric patient appears at the Emergency Department in an agitated state, for the third time in a few months. We see how a psychiatric nurse, triage nurse, and a security officer work to interrupt this recurring pattern.

Aggression by Patient's Family Member

The husband of a post-partum patient is abusive to his wife's nurse. Shaken, the nurse consults her supervisor, and they address the husband directly. The incident raises memories of the nurse's own past abuse.

Home-Care Patient Threatens Homicide

The patient of a home health nurse presents a dangerous challenge. Post-crisis debriefing and counseling for the nurse is explored.

Injuries from the Cognitively Impaired

Nurses working in a long-term care facility have encountered abusive behavior from facility residents. Since these residents have cognitive impairment, the nurses seek help and advice from their manager.

Patient's Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

A frustrated patient expresses anger at a nursing assistant, and then surprises her with a sexual advance. We see her response, as well as that of her supervisor.

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