The Care Team

The ED staff employs a coordinated team approach to safety.

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Triage Nurse Alerts Psych Nurse

The Triage Nurse notices Aaron's behavioral cues right away. He contacts security, since the patient is brought to the ED by police. He consults Aaron's prior hospital records, and, after his triage interview with the patient, he contacts the Psychiatric Nurse to provide her a report, including history on the patient. He also flags Aaron's record to alert other staff who may encounter Aaron during this and future visits.

Security Officer Remains Present

The Security Officer performs a weapons check as routine practice when patients are presented by police, or if they have a record of past violence. He does not leave Aaron alone with nursing staff. He escorts Aaron down corridors from the ED to the psychiatric consulting office rather than releasing Aaron to move through the hospital alone.

Psych Nurse Is Already Informed

By the time Aaron reaches her, the Psychiatric Nurse is prepared for a potentially dangerous patient because the Triage Nurse has alerted her of his arrival. A quick glance at Aaron's hospital record allowed her to get a sense of the level of danger she might expect: today the Triage Nurse recorded "high," indicating that this patient is near crisis.

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