Workshop on Question Evaluation Methods

October 21-23, 2009
National Center for Health Statistics
Hyattsville, Maryland

In 2009, the Question Evaluation Methods workshop was created for survey methodologists to discuss various question evaluation methods. Authors engaged in an interdisciplinary examination of each method. A secondary goal of the workshop was to recommend guidelines for evaluation reports submitted to Q-Bank.

Presentations were given by leading experts on the following question evaluation methods. Download the available papers or read the workshop summary.

QEM Presentations and Papers

Behavior Coding
Floyd J. Fowler, Jr. (Primary) • Nora Cate Schaeffer • Alisuú Schoua-Glusberg

Cognitive Interviewing
Kristen Miller (Primary) Gordon Willis (Response) Fred Conrad (Response)

Field-based Data Studies
James Esposito (Primary) • James M. Dahlhamer • Brian Harris-Kojetin (Response)

Item Response Theory
Bryce Reeve • Ron Hays (Response) • Clyde Tucker

Latent Class Analysis
Paul Biemer • Frauke Kreuter • Timothy Johnson & Janet Harkness (Response)

Multitrait-multimethod Experiments
Willem Saris • Duane Alwin • Peter Mohler

Split-sample Experiments
Jon Krosnick • Johnny Blair (Response) Theresa DeMaio & Stephanie Willson(Response)

Concluding Speakers
Robert M. Groves • Norman Bradburn • Jennifer Madans

Sponsored by the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Cancer Institute