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report/Willson_2020_NCHS_RANDS_COVID.pdf#page=25RANDSWhich of the following symptoms have you had at any point in time since March 1, 2020? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]2020
report/Willson_2020_NCHS_RANDS_COVID.pdf#page=27RANDSWhich of the following occurred as a result of your symptoms? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]2020
report/Willson_2020_NCHS_RANDS_COVID.pdf#page=27RANDSIn the two weeks before you had symptoms, did you: [MARK ALL THAT APPLY]2020
report/Willson_NCHS_2019_PRAMS.pdf#page=6PRAMSDo you have Chronic Pain, which is pain lasting more than 12 weeks or 3 months?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=22VADid (s)he vomit?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=22VATo clarify: Did (s)he vomit in the week preceding the death?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=27VADid (s)he have mental confusion?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=29VADid (s)he have sores or ulcers anywhere on the body?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=30VADid (s)he have an ulcer (pit) on the foot?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=32VADid (s)he have any lumps?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=34VADid (s)he have difficulty swallowing?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=34VADid (s)he have pain upon swallowing?2019
report/Scanlon_2019_NCHS_VA.pdf#page=42VADid her menstrual period stop naturally because of menopause or removal of uterus?2019
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=11Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: "Did you feel sick to your stomach or did you vomit? /Proxy: "Did your child complain of feeling sick to his or her stomach?"2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=11Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: “Were you knocked out, blackened out, or did you lose consciousness, even briefly? /Proxy: “Was your child knocked out, blacked out, or did you child lose consciousness, even briefly?"2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=13Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: "Did you have a headache?" / Proxy: “Did your child complain of a headache?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=13Not ApplicableDid this occur: immediately after the injury, in the hours or days after the injury, or both immediately and in the hours or days after the injury?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=14Not ApplicableAdult: "Was there ever a time when you were dizzy, uncoordinated, had poor balance, were stumbling around, or moved more slowly than usual?” / PROXY: “Did your child appear or complain of dizziness, appear to move in a clumsy manner, or have balance problems?”/ DIRECT: “Was there a time when you were dizzy, moved in a clumsy manner, or had balance problems?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=15Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: "Did you have blurred vision or changes in your vision?” / PROXY: Did your child have or complain about visual problems such as blurry or double vision?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=16Not ApplicableDid [you/your child] have trouble concentrating?2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=17Not ApplicableAdult: "Did you have difficulty thinking clearly, remember, or learning new things?” / PROXY: “Did your child become confused with directions or tasks or answer questions more slowly than usual?” DIRECT: “Did you become confused with directions or tasks, or answer questions more slowly than usual?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=17Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: "Were you sensitive to light or noise?” / PROXY: “Was your child sensitive to light or noise?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=18Not ApplicableAdult or Direct: "Did you experience a change in mood or personality such as irritability, changes in emotional responses, or feeling more bothered by things?” / PROXY “Did your child act more or less emotional than usual, more irritable, or more bothered by things?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=19Not ApplicableAdult: "Did you have trouble with sleep? Such as, did you have trouble falling asleep, were you more drowsy than usual, did you get tired easily or more frequently than usual, or did you sleep noticeably more or less than usual?” / PROXY: “Did your child appear drowsy, sleep more than usual, or appear more tired or fatigued?” / DIRECT: “Did you feel drowsy, sleep more than usual or feel more tired or fatigued?”2016
report/Massey_2017_NCHS_TBI.pdf#page=25Not Applicable[Are you/ Is your child] still experiencing any of the injury-related symptoms that we’ve talked about?2016