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report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=38VADid she have excessive vaginal bleeding in between her menstrual period?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=40VADid her vaginal bleeding stop naturally during menopause?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=40VADid she have vaginal bleeding after menopause?2014
report/Scanlon_2013_NCHS_KENYA.pdf#page=64VAWas the cough productive with sputum?2014
report/Willson_2013_NCHS_BLOOD.pdf#page=20UBDHQFemale Donors: In the past 6 weeks... Have you been pregnant or are you pregnant now?2012
report/Willson_NCHS_2010_Cancer.pdf#page=16NHISWhen did you have your MOST RECENT Pap test?2008
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=18NHISHave you had a hysterectomy?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=19NHISHave you ever had a Pap test to check for cervical cancer?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=20NHISHave you EVER HAD a Pap smear or Pap test?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=20NHISHow many Pap tests have you had in the last 6 years?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=21NHISHow many Pap smears or Pap tests have you had in the LAST 6 YEARS?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=21NHISHow long ago did you have your most recent Pap test?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=22NHISWhat is the ONE most important reason why you have {NEVER had a Pap test/NOT had a Pap test in the last 3 years}?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=22NHISIn the past 3 years, has a doctor recommended that you have a Pap test?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=23NHISWas your most recent Pap smear or Pap test recommended by a doctor or other health professional?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=23NHISIn the PAST 12 MONTHS, has a doctor or other health professional RECOMMENDED that you have a Pap smear or Pap test?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=23NHISWhen do you expect to have your next Pap test?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2007_NHISHPVSupplement.pdf#page=24NHISHave you ever had a Pap test where the results were NOT normal?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=6PRAMSDuring the month before you got pregnant with your new baby, were you covered by any of these types of health insurance plans?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=7PRAMSDuring the month before you got pregnant with your new baby, how many times a week did you take a multivitamin, a prenatal vitamin, or a folic acid vitamin?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=7PRAMSWhat were your reasons for not taking a multivitamin, prenatal vitamin or vitamin containing folic acid in the month before you got pregnant?2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=8PRAMSEat a healthy diet2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=8PRAMSExercise most days of the week2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=8PRAMSTry to lose weight or gain weight so that I would be at a healthy weight2007
report/Willson_NCHS_2008_PRAMS.pdf#page=8PRAMSTake a vitamin containing folic acid most days of the week2007