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Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses

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Additional Resources


Complete bibliography of sources cited in this course. Includes Additional Reading.

Checklist: Recordingkeeping and Evaluation

Checklist 7: Recordkeeping and Evaluation

OSHA Guidelines for Health Care

Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care and Social Service Workers

OSHA Form 300

OSHA Form 300 and supporting documentation

Checklist: Organizational Assessment

Checklist 1: Organizational Assessment Questions for Management Commitment and Employee Involvement

Incident Report - Sample 1

Example of an Incident Report

Checklist: Analyze Workplace Violence

Checklist 2: Analyze Workplace Violence Record

Incident Report - Sample 2

Example of an Incident Report

Checklist: Environmental Risk Factors

Checklist 3: Identifying Environmental Risk Factors for Violence

ENA Workplace Violence Toolkit

Link to the Emergency Nurses Association Violence Toolkit

Checklist: Assessing Work Practices

Checklist 4: Assessing the Influence of Work Practices on Occurrences of Violence

Checklist: Post-Incident Response

Checklist 5: Post-Incident Response

Risk Assessment Tool 2: Danger

Danger Assessment Tool

Checklist: Assessing Employee and Supervisor Training

Checklist 6: Assessing Employee and Supervisor Training