Management Commitment

Management commitment, including the endorsement and visible involvement of top management, provides the motivation and resources to deal effectively with workplace violence. This commitment should include:

  • Demonstrating organizational concern for employee emotional and physical safety and health;
  • Exhibiting equal commitment to the safety and health of workers and patients/clients;
  • Assigning responsibility for the various aspects of the workplace violence prevention program to ensure that all managers, supervisors and employees understand their obligations;
  • Allocating appropriate authority and resources to all responsible parties;
  • Maintaining a system of accountability for involved managers, supervisors and employees;
  • Establishing a comprehensive program of medical and psychological counseling and debriefing for employees experiencing or witnessing assaults and other violent incidents; and
  • Supporting and implementing appropriate recommendations from safety and health committees (OSHA, 2016).
Page last reviewed: February 7, 2020