Be Attuned to Your Own Responses

Part of violence prevention is to be aware of your own feelings, responses, and sensitivities. Pay attention to your instincts. For example, your "fight or flight" response can be an early warning sign of impending danger, to get help or get out.

Be aware that the way you express yourself can have a significant effect on how others respond to you. Those who know you well may respond very differently than do strangers. Effective communication skills are an essential tool in violence prevention.

Self-awareness includes acknowledging if you have a personal history of abuse which might affect how you respond to situations that may spark flashbacks to your own past experiences.

If your coworkers are engaging in abusive behaviors, look within yourself as to whether you are exhibiting any of the same behaviors.

Finally, fatigue can diminish your alertness and ability to respond appropriately to a challenging situation.

Page last reviewed: May 16, 2024